Hi Beauties!

Thought I’d give you all a little behind the scenes peek at what your Avon Rep has been up to.  You may be surprised, because you, my dear friend & customer, have played a huge roll in my being able to do this!


“Thank You BEAUTIES From The Bottom Of My Heart!


But before I get into what I’ve been up to, first I want to THANK YOU for your online loyalty and for making all this possible. It’s because of your Avon purchases through my Avon eStore my Avon business is where it is today, allowing me this opportunity!


So last week, it was my birthday and as I was reflecting on the years past,  I started thinking about my Avon Business and how it has been such a blessing for me and my family.


A Little Giving Back Project

 As I was reflecting on all this,  it got me to thinking about how I could share the blessing with others and inspired me to make my day even more special with a little creative project.


Avon Beauty For A Purpose Products

Everyone deserves a little word of encouragement no matter how small to help them through life’s hard knocks and what better way than gifting products from the company who has made a difference in millions of women’s lives, including mine.


Words of Truth

So with the help from one of my favorite websites, Brave Girl’s Club and a little online inspiration I got busy making inspirational “Truth Cards” to tuck into my Avon Gifts.


Inspirational Truth Cards - Giving Back


Dear Valuable Girl Truth Card - Giving Back To The Community

I’ve always loved the idea of “Truth Cards” and thought it would be nice to one day have the chance to share them and this was the perfect opportunity.


Avon I'm Enough Inpirational Bracelett

Giving back

So after painting, cutting & pasting the cards, I took advantage of my Avon Representative Discount and a GREAT SALE on Avon’s Inspirational “I’m Enough” and “I Will Rise” Bracelets along with some Bath & Body bundles and packaged them up.


Avon Beauty For A Purpose

beauty for a purpose

Using Avon’s “Beauty For A Purpose” bags were a perfect finishing touch.


A car load of donations

Then with the hubby’s help, we loaded up the car. . .



. . . and donated the Avon Gifts to a local women’s shelter, and woman’s pregnancy charity in my community!  It’s my wish that the women receiving from these organizations will find encouragement in knowing they are special and not alone.


It felt so good to give back and I hope you will also receive the blessing knowing that WITHOUT YOU this would never have been possible!!

Thank you so much for a great Avon Year! I’m looking forward to what next year brings and to finding more ways on how we can bless others by giving back!


If you have a charity or organization you would like to give to, let me know so we can work together in making  this happen!


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