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Avon Catalog October 2018


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Hello Beauties!   Are you looking for a personal Avon experience online.   As your personal Avon Representative, In every Avon Campaign I’ll share:


The  current Avon Sales & Special Offers found in the latest Avon Brochure
You don’t have to worry about missing out on the latest Avon Offers no longer! As your personal Avon Representative you’ll get the latest campaign highlights plus the top 5 deals offered in the current Avon Catalog.


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Shopt the Avon Catalog Online! This is the most  current Avon Brochure


You Can View the Avon Campaign Catalog Online Anytime
The Avon Online Brochure is available anytime at your convenience! As well as the current Avon Brochure Outlet Books and Flyers!


You’ll Have My Personal Attention Anytime You Need It!
If you need my help your welcome to contact me personally anytime!  I’m here to help make your Avon Online experience a good one!  Plus whenever Avon has Free Shipping & Special Offers  I’ll let you know because I love helping my customers save!

Here’s What’s Happening In The Current Avon Catalog!


Take a look at the Most Recent Avon Catalog

Click to to view the Avon Brochure!

In the October Avon Brochure you’ll find:

  1. Avon Holiday Limited Edition Collectibles & Gifts
  2. New Limited Edition Winter Soft Bath & Body
  3. Free Anew Eye Cream Offer With Purchase
  4. Great WOW Deals on Anew Skincare, Jewelry & More.
  5. A New Winter Wonders  A Box Just $10 with any $40 Brochure Purchase




Looking For A Specific Avon Catalog? Check Out These Past, Current and Future Avon Brochures!


Avon Campaign 1 (2018) Avon Campaign 2 (2018)

Avon Campaign 3 (2018)

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Avon Campaign 19 2018 Avon Campaign 20 2018
Avon Campaign 21 2018 Avon Campaign 22 2018
Avon Campaign 23 2018 Avon Campaign 24 2018
Avon Campaign 25 2018 Avon Campaign 26 2018


All the Avon Books Are Available 24/7 At Your Convenience!


Shopt the Avon Catalog Online! This is the most  current Avon Brochure


If you’re new to Avon, you may not know this, but in addition to the main product brochure, Avon offers other exclusive catalogs as well.  Here is a list of all the Avon Books each Campaign features:


Avon Campaign 2018 Catalogs:

Avon Catalog Campaigns


Avon’s most popular and main product catalog is also referred to as a “Campaign” and comes out every 2 weeks.  There are 26 Avon Campaigns a year and each one is assigned a specific campaign number.  


Departments found in each Avon Campaign Catalog are Makeup, Skin Care, Bath & Body, Fragrance, Jewelry & Fashion.  Typically each new brochure promotes a theme, featured item, product debut, or sale, on the cover.  Over the decades the book has evolved from an everyday product pamphlet to a fun modern magazine layout.


Avon Brochure Sales Flyers:

Avon Brochure Sales Flyers:


Avon Sale Flyers feature limited time discounts and special offers.  These offers often include special product collections and bundles from fragrance, makeup, bath & body, skin care, and jewelry.  Flyers for Avon Sales  typically update every campaign and sometimes overlap campaigns.



The Avon Outlet Book:

Avon Outlet Book


Avon’s Outlet flyer is where you’ll find great deals on Avon clearance items from all the Avon brochures.  Whether it’s from the Campaign Catalog, Avon Living or Mark magalog, you’ll find deep discounts  up to 80% Off . 


In the Outlet you’ll find seasonal, clearance and close out items, as well as products that have been discontinued or re-packaged.   So if you’re looking for an item and it’s no longer in the main catalog, this is the place to look.  Merchandise in the outlet sell out quickly so make sure to act fast when you come across something you like!


The Avon Outlet Flyer updates every two weeks along with the new Avon Campaign so you’ll want to check it out each often for new discounted deals. 



How To View The Avon Catalog Online At My Avon eStore:


How Shop the Avon Catalog Online


When your shopping over at my Avon eStore you can navigate through the website by categories (Makeup, Skin Care, Fragrance, Jewelry, etc).  Navigating by category is an easy and convenient way to shop when you know exactly what your looking for. 


If you just want to see what’s on sale or what’s new, or the latest special offers, the easiest way is to view the current Avon Catalog by clicking the “Brochure” link found at the top right of every page.


Clicking the Brochure link at the top of the page will allow you to shop all the catalogs for that campaign.   As you go through the pages, all you have to do is click the products and it will open up the product page to add to your Avon Shopping Cart.



An Avon Catalog Request Can Be Made Online For Free!

Avon will ship a free brochure along with your order  but you have to request it by adding it to your Avon Shopping Cart.  To add the free catalog to your Avon order just follow these directions:



How to make an Avon Catalog Request


As you’re shopping at my Avon eStore just click the “Shopping Bag” icon found at the top right of every page  to view the items in your shopping bag.




How to add a free Avon Catalog to your Avon Order


When you are at your Shopping Bag page,  you’ll see the option to add the Avon Brochure and Mark Magalog to your bag over at the right hand side.


So now that you know everything about the Avon Catalog here’s a few extra things to keep in mind.


Shopping Avon online is Easy & Convenient because you have access to the newest Catalogs, Magalogs, Outlets & Flyers anytime you like and you can expect a fast delivery of all your items.   


But what you may not know is that you can still have your very own personal Avon Representative.  One that you can count on before, during and after your purchase.  As an Avon Rep who offers my Avon services exclusively online I make sure to keep my customers updated on any Avon Sales, Specials and Free Shipping offers.   


Plus these extra incentives, only offered to my customers:

  • My bi-weekly campaign highlight videos
    These videos cover the latest featured sales offered in the current campaign as well as any special offers Avon may be promoting plus I’ll also announce my own personal offers available only to those how purchase through my e-store
  • Exclusive Free Gifts
    These offers are only available for my Avon Customers and can’t be found at the Avon website
  • Exclusive Avon Giveaways
    I love giving away FREE Avon!  It’s my way of saying Thank You to my current customers and introducing Avon products to new customers!


This type of personal attention and service may be hard to find other places, but here you can expect it! 


So, have fun shopping, and remember if you have any trouble Logging-in, Creating a New Avon Account, or Purchasing your Avon products don’t hesitate to contact me,  I’m only an email, text or phone call away.



Shop the Avon Catalog Online



I’ve been an Independent Avon eRepresentative since 2010. I specialize in Avon Online sales through my Avon Representative website. You can also read more about me here

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