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The Current Avon Catalog Is Here Beauties!

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​Avon Catalog ​December 201​​8 (Campaign ​1)

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Hello Beauties!   Are you looking for a personal Avon experience online.   As your personal Avon Representative, In every Avon Campaign I'll share:

The  current Avon Sales & Special Offers found in the latest Avon Brochure
You don't have to worry about missing out on the latest Avon Offers no longer! As your personal Avon Representative you'll get the latest campaign highlights plus the top 5 deals offered in the current Avon Catalog.


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Shop the Avon Catalog Online! This is the most  current Avon Brochure

You Can View the Avon Campaign Catalog Online Anytime
The Avon Online Brochure is available anytime at your convenience! As well as the current Avon Brochure Outlet Books and Flyers!


You'll Have My Personal Attention Anytime You Need It!
If you need my help your welcome to contact me personally anytime!  I'm here to help make your Avon Online experience a good one!  Plus whenever Avon has Free Shipping & Special Offers  I’ll let you know because I love helping my customers save!

What's On Sale In The Current Avon Catalog?

This is the current Avon Catalog

In the ​​January Avon Brochure you'll find:

  • ​​​A Special Offer For A FREE Clinical Line Eraser!
  • ​​​​​Limited Edition Valentines Gifts for Everyone!
  • ​​NEW!  Avon Stories Fragrance Collection
  • ​​​New ​Garden of Delights A Box Just $10 with any $40 Brochure Purchase

Looking For A Specific Avon Catalog? Check Out These Past, Current and Future Avon Brochures!

Avon Campaign 1 ​201​9

All the Avon Books Are Available 24/7 At Your Convenience!

​Everything You Need to Know About the Avon Campaign 2018 Catalogs:

Avon Catalog

​​Here are some common Questions you may have about the Avon Campaigns & Catalogs.

What can I expect to see in the Avon Brochure?

How long do Avon Campaigns last?

How Do I Get An Avon Brochure?

​How Much are Avon Brochures?

What Can I Find In The Avon Brochure Sales Flyers?

What Can I find in the Avon Outlet Book?

How Can I Get A Free Avon Catalog?

How To Shop The Avon Catalog Online At My Avon estore?

​How Do I Place​ My Avon Order Online?

​Does Avon Charge Shipping?

​How Long Does Avon take to Deliver?

​​What Types of Payment method Does Avon Take?

As you may have noticed  Shopping Avon online is Easy & Convenient because you have access to the newest Catalogs, ​and Outlets Flyers anytime you like and you can expect a fast delivery of all your items.   

But what you may not know is that you can still have your very own personal Avon Representative.  One that you can count on before, during and after your purchase. 

As an Avon Rep who offers my Avon services exclusively online I make sure to keep my customers updated on​ Avon Sales & Specials Offers, and Free Shipping offers.   

Benefits of Shopping the Avon Catalog Online with Avon Representative, Dianne Hernandez.

​So now that you know everything about the Avon Catalog here's a few extra ​benefits you can expect when shopping Avon Online.

Take a look at the Avon Book

24/7 access to the most current Avon Brochure.  No more waiting for your Avon Rep to deliver it or mail it. ( It’s been my experience that mailed catalogs never get there in time. More often than not it’s  received after the catalog sales have ended! )

The online Avon Brochure is available 24/7

You can place an order anytime  24/7 at my Avon ​Online Store. No more having to call or wait for your Avon Rep to get back to you.

Order Avon online  and have it shipped directly to you!

Your Avon order is delivered directly to you within ​4-​7 business days at any location you choose whether it’s your home or at work etc. You don’t have to make an appointment with your Rep to receive your order.

Get informed about the latest Catalog Promotions and Offers

I always inform you of the latest Avon promotions & ​special offers ​as well as Free Shipping offers when they're available. You’ll be notified by email only if you give me permission, otherwise you can contact me when you need me.

Questions about the current Avon Campaign? Just send me a message!

I am only an email, text or phone call away to help you with your order, returns or product info.  If you’re having trouble finding an item on the Avon website you can email me and I’ll send you the link with the product info and price.

Exclusive Customer benefits

I also offer exclusive benefits ​for my Avon Online Customers like ​Free Gifts, Online tools and Advice that will make your shopping easier & your budget go further. I give you insider tips and info how to save and get the most out of your Avon purchase.  I also offer exclusive giveaways! I love giving away FREE Avon!  It's my way of saying Thank You to my current customers and introducing Avon products to new customers!

Always available

​Never worry about losing your Avon Rep!  Lastly and maybe most important, you won’t have to worry about being abandoned by your Avon Rep and having to search for another one because our location is no longer a factor and I'm not going anywhere.  This is my full time career and passion! ​

The Avon Catalog is made from recycled paper!

​​BONUS BENEFIT!! It's more environmentally friendly! ​Although the Avon Brochure is made from recycled paper, we can still all do our part (no matter how small) by lowering the demand for paper products. I like to feel that encouraging my customers to view the Avon Catalog online I am doing my part You can read about Avon's Environmental Commitment here.

So, have fun shopping, and remember if you have any trouble Logging-in, Creating a New Avon Account, or Purchasing your Avon products don't hesitate to contact me,  I'm only an email, text or phone call away!
Shop the Avon Catalog Online
I’ve been an Independent Avon eRepresentative since 2010. I specialize in Avon Online sales through my Avon Representative website. You can also read more about me here

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