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Are you looking for a personal Avon experience online. As your personal Avon Representative, I’ll keep you updated and in the loop every Avon campaign. Every campaign I’ll share:

​The current Avon Sales & Special Offers found in the latest Avon Brochure
You don’t have to worry about missing out on the latest Avon Offers no longer! As your personal Avon Representative ​I’ll give you the scoop on the latest campaign highlights plus the top 5 deals offered in the current Avon Catalog.

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You Can View the Avon Campaign Catalog Online Anytime

The Avon Online Brochure is available anytime at your convenience! As well as the current Avon Brochure Outlet Books and Flyers!


You’ll Have My Personal Attention Anytime You Need It!
If you need my help your welcome to contact me personally anytime! I’m here to help make your Avon Online experience a good one! Plus whenever Avon has Free Shipping & Special Offers I’ll let you know because I love helping my customers save!


Here are some common Questions you may have about the Avon Catalog & Campaigns


Latest Avon Book

Q. What’s On Sale In The Current Avon Catalog?

In the August Campaign 18 Avon Brochure you’ll find:

  • Avon Naked Proof Body Treatments 2 for $24 Plus A Free Mask!

  • Avon Lipstick 2 for $11

  • Avon BOGO’s on Travel Sized Fragrance, Moisture Therapy, Avon Bug Guard, Avon Senses & More!  All at Buy 1 Get 1 Free!
  • BOGO on Select Fashion & Sterling Jewelry Pieces
  • Avon’s  “Bright Days Ahead: A Box  Is Just $10 with any $40 Avon Purchase! (A $47 Value)

Q. How can I ​view the latest Avon catalog?

A. ​ Traditionally ​Avon books were only available through an Avon Representative who would hand deliver it bi-monthly to every customer on their list.

But now the Avon Book is also available online over at the Avon website. These days with laptops, smart phones and tablets so readily available, the Avon Brochure is virtually available to anyone, at anytime, anywhere.

​You no longer have to wait for an Avon Rep to deliver it to you, or for that matter “find” a rep who will deliver it to you. With the Avon online brochure you can shop ​Avon sales anytime whether it’s early in the morning or late at night and you can always be confident you are looking at the most recent Campaign Brochure online.



Q. Does the Avon Online Brochure offer everything the traditional catalog offers?

A. Yes. ​Avon’s online brochure is the exact same catalog just in digital format. So you can be sure you’re getting the latest and most current sales.



Q. ​How Do I Shop the Avon Catalog Online?

A. ​ The fastest and easiest way to access the Avon Online Catalog is to view it over at my Avon Online Store. I tried to make it as easy as possible by providing my own custom link: www.GoHereToShop.com this link will always display the most current and update Avon Brochure.

While your shopping at my Avon Online Store you can also click the “Brochures” link found at the top right of every page.

Clicking the brochure link at the top of the page will allow you to shop all the catalogs for that campaign. As you go through the pages, all you have to do is click the products and it will open up the product page to add to your Avon Shopping Cart.

Everything found in the current Avon Catalog can also be found throughout ​my Avon online store and all website prices will reflect the current catalog prices. ​


Shop the Avon Catalog Online! This is the most  current Avon Brochure



Q. ​What ​will I find in the Avon Brochure?

A. ​ Typically each new brochure promotes a theme, featured item, product debut, or sale, on the cover. Every new Avon Campaign​ you’ll find new sales and product offers throughout the brochure as well.

Over the decades the book has evolved from an everyday product pamphlet to a fun modern magazine layout. So not only will you find the latest sales and ​deals in beauty, fashion, home and wellness departments, but within the catalog pages Avon also shares product tips & how-to’s to help readers get the most out of their Avon ​experience.



Q. ​What is an Avon Campaign and how long do they last?

A. ​ Avon’s ​ ​product catalog is also referred to as a “Campaign” and comes out every 2 weeks. There are 26 Avon Campaigns a year and each one is assigned a specific campaign number and brochure. ​​ Avon’s online ​campaign ​runs 1 day earlier than the offline brochure so the online catalog updates a day early.

Click here  to view the Avon Online Campaign Calendar for 2019.  Each campaign brochure will ​begin on a Tuesday and end on a Monday.


Q. ​How can I request a free Avon Catalog?

A. ​ Avon will ship a free brochure along with your order but you have to request it by adding it to your Avon Shopping Cart. To add the free catalog to your Avon order just follow these directions:




As you’re shopping at my Avon eStore just click the “Shopping Bag” icon found at the top right of every page to view the items in your shopping bag.




How to add a free Avon Catalog to your Avon Order


When you are at your Shopping Bag page, you’ll see the option to add the Avon Brochure to your bag over at the right hand side.




Q. ​Can I view the Avon Outlet Brochure online?

A. Yes, the Avon Outlet flyer is also available online. In the Avon’s Outlet flyer you’ll find seasonal, clearance and close out items, as well as products that have been discontinued or re-packaged at marked down prices as much as 60% off. So if you’re looking for an item and it’s no longer in the main catalog, this is the place to look.

Merchandise in the Avon outlet are available while supplies last and sell out quickly, so make sure to act fast when you come across something you like! Items purchased from the Avon Outlet are all final sale, no return.

The Avon Outlet Flyer updates every two weeks along with the new Avon Campaign so you’ll want to check it out each often for new discounted deals.




Q. ​What other Avon Catalogs can I view online?

A. ​ In addition to the Avon product brochure and Outlet flyer, you’ll also find Avon’s Campaign Flyers. Avon ​Campaign / Sales Flyers feature limited time discounts and special offers. These offers often include special product collections and bundles from fragrance, makeup, bath & body, skin care, and jewelry. Flyers for Avon Sales typically update every campaign and sometimes overlap campaigns.



Q. ​How do I order from the Avon Online Catalog?

A. ​Placing an online order over at Avon is easy and very similar to shopping any other ​website like Amazon, Walmart or Target.

  1. The easiest way is to first take a look at Avon’s current online brochure. You an click any of the brochure images on this page and you will be taken to the current ​online brochure or just use my EZ Link:  www.GoHereToShop.com
  2. Go ahead and flip thru the pages and when you see something you like just click on the brochure product image and you will be taken to the product page.
  3. Click the “Add to Bag” button” and the item will be added to your Avon shopping bag.
  4. ​When you’re ready to check out your items just click ​the Shopping Bag icon at the top right of the page to review your shopping cart.
  5. Click the​ pink “Check Out” button to place your order.
  6. You will then be prompted to register an Avon online account with ​if you don’t already have one.



Q. ​What types of payment does Avon accept?

A. ​Currently Avon accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express as well as debit or gift cards that have the Visa or MasterCard logo. You can also make your online purchase with PayPal as well.You can securely store up to 10 credit card payment methods with your Avon account but for security you’ll be asked to provide the CVV Security Code upon submitting your order.



Q. Does ​Avon offer free shipping?​

A. Yes. ​​Avon offers everyday free shipping on orders $40 or more. Orders under $40 are charged $6.95 for shipping.

Avon also offers free shipping promo codes every so often​, so if you have a smaller order and want to save on shipping you’re welcome to ask me, your Avon Representative if ​ there are any Free Shipping or Avon Coupon Codes available before you order online.​But the easiest way to stay in the loop with Avon Free Shipping and Special offer is to connect with me through email so I can notify you when ever Avon has a special offer or promo code available.



Q. ​When can I expect my online order from Avon

A. It takes about 4 to 7 business days to receive your order and it will be shipped via ​UPS / USPS. Keep in mind depending on the day and time you place your order it can take up to 2 days for Avon to process and ship your package.

​Once you submit your order you can use Avon’s handy tracking tool to check the status of your order over at the Track My Orders page.

Avon will also send you an email with shipping confirmation ​along with the UPS tracking number.


All the Avon Books Are Available 24/7 At Your Convenience!


Shop the Avon Catalog Online! This is the most  current Avon Brochure


As you may have noticed Shopping Avon online is Easy & Convenient because you have access to the newest Catalogs, and Outlets Flyers anytime you like and you can expect a fast delivery of all your items.

But what you may not know is that you can still have your very own personal Avon Representative. One that you can count on before, during and after your purchase.

As an Avon Rep who offers my Avon services exclusively online I make sure to keep my customers updated on Avon Sales & Specials Offers, and Free Shipping offers.

So, have fun shopping, and remember if you have any trouble Logging-in, Creating a New Avon Account, or Purchasing your Avon products don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m only an email, text or phone call away!




Shop the Avon Catalog Online! This is the most  current Avon Brochure



I’ve been an Independent Avon eRepresentative since 2010. I specialize in Avon Online sales through my Avon Representative website. You can also read more about me or view the Avon Book here!

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