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Hello Beauties!

Whether you’re new to Avon or have been a long time customer, if you've taken a look at the latest Avon Brochure lately, you may have noticed that Avon has great sales.

Avon sales can save you quite a bit of money especially when you take advantage of the everyday Free Delivery on $60 orders.  But did you know you can save even more with an Avon Online Coupon?

Avon offers them every now and then,  but their windows are small, some promo codes run for only a day while other may run for several days but if you miss that window then you've just missed out on saving even more on your purchase.


Get Future Avon Free Shipping & Discount Promo Codes Sent to You!


When we connect either through email, or social media, (Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Pinterest) I'll make sure to let you know when:

  • Future Avon Free Shipping & Avon Discount promos are available
  • Avon Free Gift Promotions & Upcoming Sales
  • Exclusive Avon Beauty Giveaways
  • As well as early bird announcements and insider tips on how to get the most out of your Avon Campaign purchase as your Avon Representative

Now although you'll buy your Avon online, I still make it a point to offer the same personal Avon Representative service you may be used to, so I welcome you, in fact encourage you to contact me anytime you have questions, need help placing your online order, looking for advance notice on upcoming sales for specific products, or for info on an Avon product.

So lets connect, and get acquainted!   I look forward to hearing from you! And  "Remember to sign up here" so you can get future Avon Online Coupons when you shop with me as your Avon Representative!


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