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Lately, it seems there’s a new Avon mascara coming out every couple of months and each and every one of them claim to be the latest, greatest best thing your lovely lashes will ever want. But really? How much is hype and how much is actually true?  If you’ve heard about Avon’s latest mascara and have been wondering what all the hype is about or you found yourself here at the Beauty2Makeup blog because you’re curious about the other mascaras Avon has to offer then you’ve come to the right place.


Currently there are up to fourteen different types of mascara that Avon offers so figuring out which one to choose or  even where to start can be a bit difficult.  Well don’t fret, your Beauty2Makeup girlfriend (moi!) is here to help you out. As an Avon Rep, and also as someone in search of the best mascara ever, I’ve had the opportunity to test a good majority of them so I can give you an insiders perspective and my take on each one.


In the days to follow I’ll be post my reviews and my own personal experience with each of the mascaras in hopes it will help you out when selecting your own Avon Mascara.  Keep in mind these are all my personal opinions and just like anything, what might make a person rave about a product, may not impress another.  I’ll try to include all the info you need to get some insight about the product as well as a full description.  At the moment  the list isn’t fully complete but I’ll be updating it often with more make sure to come back and visit this page regularly.


How to Choose the Best Avon Mascara for Your Lashes

The first thing you want to consider when selecting a mascara is what is the desired lash look you’re going for? Do you have short lashes? Would you like them to look longer? Or maybe you have long lashes and would like to add more volume? The results you want to achieve will determine which Avon Macara you’ll want to choose. Avon has volumizing, super-volumizing, lengthening, super-lengthening, long-wearing, waterproof, conditioning as well as mascaras that offer a combination of both. Take a look at the Avon Mascara guide below. These are just a handful of mascaras that are currently available at the Avon website. They are also Avon’s bestselling mascaras.


Avon Mascara Reviews

Make sure to come back and visit this page soon as I’ll be adding reviews for each of the above mascaras!


Mega Effects Mascara

Volumizing SuperSHOCK Max Mascara

  • Read more reviews on the Avon product page!


Thickens & Separates / Waterproof

  • Beauty2Makeup Review (coming soon)



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