How About A Bath & Body Giveaway
To Get Us Over the HUMP!

Washup Wednesday Giveaway


Happy Wednesday Beauties!


Well we’re halfway to the weekend but we’re not there yet!  So how about a Wash-Up Wednesday Giveaway to help us get through the rest of the week? 


For Wash-Up Wednesday I thought sharing something from Avon’s Bath & Body Department would be appropriate.  Now I have had several bath & body giveaways in the past and the majority of them have promoted Avon’s popular Skin So Soft products, in fact we just had a 5-Piece Skin So Soft Collection up for grabs just last week. 


Now many of you may already be familiar with Avon’s line of Skin So Soft bath products and as mentioned I’ve had several giveaways featuring the line, so for today I thought I would switch it up and introduce you all to one of Avon’s newer brands.  By newer I mean 3 years old but it’s one of those products that doesn’t get the limelight it deserves and kind of gets over shadowed by the Skin So Soft.  So today Planet Spa, it’s your turn to shine!! LOL!

Although Planet Spa products may not be as famous as the Skin So Soft brand, don’t let that fool you!  This line of luxury spa inspired products have their own fan following and rightly so. 


Inspired by beauty rituals around the world, Planet Spa body scrubs, body butters, bath salts, washes, and oils offer a variety of ingredients like  sea salts, African Shea Butter, mint, rosemary, olive oil and even chocolate for a home SPA Day experience!


Washup Wednesday Giveaway Prize

For Today’s Giveaway, 3 Lucky Winners Will Get A 5-Piece Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Collection

I had a chance to preview the Heavenly Hydration  collection back in May and I love it!  The products have a fresh natural scent and the body butter is really moisturizing and the dry oil  absorbs quickly!

This collection includes:

1 – Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Body Scrub

1 – Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Dry Oil Body Spray

1 – Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Body Cream

1 – Planet Spa Cosmetic Bag

1- Moisture Therapy Lip Balm (extra bonus)

A $47 Value

For This Giveaway I’ll Be Selecting 3 Lucky Winners!


Here’s How To Enter This Giveaway

First you’ll log into the giveaway widget below, then complete the suggested tasks to earn entries. 


The more “Actions” you complete the more entries you’ll earn but you don’t have to complete all the tasks all at once.   You can do a couple now and come back later to complete more. But make sure you complete all your entries by July 13, 2017 .


And of course . . . playing along with friends is more fun so make sure to spread the word about the giveaway and you’ll get even more points! Ok, Ready!  Good Luck!


It’s A Washup Wednesday Giveaway!


If you’re having trouble viewing the Giveaway Widget above, click the button below.

Enter the Washup Wednesday Givewawy Here!


No Purchase Necessary! Good Luck!!

Giveaway Starts Wednesday,  July 12, 2017 and ends Thursday July 13, 2017 at 12 midnight (Pacific Time) .  This giveaway is for US Residents only. 

Avon Representatives and Avon Employees are not eligible for this giveaway (Sorry guys!)



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  1. I’ve never heard of these or tried them before. They look very interesting, and I always love a good body butter. 🙂

  2. My skin has become so dry since my second child and I have been looking for a new product to try since nothing I have tried has helped. Thank you for the opportunity to win! I would absolutely love to try this product!

  3. This is a great giveaway. Very generous of you to share. I’d love to try out the body spray…and the bag is cute!

  4. I think this is a great giveaway! I just got off work UGHHHHHH, and this is a very welcome treat from the rest of this day! It’s so refreshing to see someone generously giving away Amazing beauty products! Very, very good idea to do one in the middle of the week. At least something about today didn’t suck!

  5. Awesome Giveaways Been Use Avon Since I was 23 yr old I love Avon Products Would be Amazing To wins one of these..

  6. This is amazing perfect for all ages and seasons I would feel blessed to have products such as these thanks.

  7. I have been using Anew since you all first came out with it. I was watching 2020 and they said that Avon’s Anew was as good as anything on the market, I now agree. I always have people tell me that I look 10 years younger than I am.

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