I Love My Toni Pony!

Last year I went short with my hair and I loved it. But the only thing about shorter hair is that there is no in-between. I had to style it everyday even if I was just kicking around the house because if I didn’t I would be walking around with a tumbleweed on my shoulders! It was too long to slick back and way to short to pull up in a pony tail. Until….I discovered Toni Brattin Hair. I have to thank Toni Brattin for solving my dilemma and AVON for offering Toni Brattin Hair Extensions in their brochure.

The Toni Pony looks just like real hair, comes in 6 shades and each has a variant of  different colored highlights so it blends in with any hair color or type. It’s attached to a clip and it’s super easy to put on.

I discovered Tony Brattin Hair when the hair pieces were featured in the Avon Brochure last year and of course it was on sale. So I had to try it. I ordered the Straight Toni Pony in Black. I couldn’t wait to get it. As soon as it was delivered I took it straight from the package, pulled my hair back and clipped it on. Wow! I went from my bushy tumbleweed look to a sleek sexy pony in a matter of minutes. I was sold. From that day on I have worn my Tony Pony or what I like to call it my “Phony” Pony about 3 to 4 times a week. My friends who don’t know I’m wearing it have asked “Did you get your hair done? You look great!” or “You look different. What did you do?” They can never pinpoint what I’ve done. Nor have they noticed that I grew a good 5 inches of hair overnight! They just know that something is different.

Being the self conscience person that I am, when I first wore the hair extension I was always asking my husband, “Can you tell it’s fake? What do you think?” His reply has always been, “It looks great! I would tell you if it didn’t look right”.  I can always count on my husband to ” Save me from Myself” so I know he’s telling the truth  🙂   Believe me! No one will know your wearing fake hair!

So if you’re tired of your wimpy tired pony give the Toni Pony a try. I guarantee you’ll love it.
UPDATE:  Toni Brattin Products are no longer available at the Avon Website.  But please check out the latest Hair Care Products Avon has to offer here.

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