Skin So Soft Avon Bath Oil – A Review

Have you heard of Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil?

As an Avon Representative, It’s one of my best sellers!  Many of my Avon customers are very loyal to the Original Skin So Soft bath oil they rave about how soft it makes their skin as well as the additional benefits associated with the legendary product (insect repelling qualities, household remedies etc.).


But I have a little secret that may shock you….I’m not a big fan of the scent.


Now don’t get me wrong! I use many products from the Skin So Soft Avon line or “SSS” for short, like the lotions, hair removal products, deodorants and body wash but I have to truthfully say I don’t use the bath oil. 


And I’ll tell you why. Last winter I decided to purchase the Skin So Soft Gelled Body Oil for me and my son because we both suffer from extremely dry skin during the winter so I thought this is great, we can both use it and my son can easily smooth it on after his shower and all will be well.


Unfortunately we both found the Original SSS fragrance was just too strong.  My poor boy, he was so annoyed! He said he smelled like a flower!  And I don’t blame him; the strong flowery scent didn’t suit me either.


AVON Skin So Soft Review


Now I realize fragrance is all a personal preference and as mentioned most of my customers love the Original scent but for me it’s just too strong.  I prefer a lighter scent.


So I ended up returning it and figured that Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil just wasn’t for me and I stuck with the other Skin So Soft Avon products that came in other scents like the lotions and body washes.


I don’t mind the way they smell, in fact I really like the light fresh scents of SSS Soft & Sensual and SSS Radiant Moisure (formally known as Signature Silk) and the lotions really do leave my skin feeling soft.


But I couldn’t help feeling like I was missing out, especially when my customers would rave how soft the Original Bath Oil left their skin.  If only Avon had the bath oil in these other scents.  I couldn’t figure out why AVON had these two fantastic fragrances in their other Skin So Soft Avon products but yet they were holding out on the bath oil.


Well now that’s all changed!

Because recently Avon announced they improved the Skin So Soft formula and also added to their bath oil collection. They still have the Original formula but now they also have Soft & Sensual and Signature Silk formulas as well!  Boy was I happy when Avon informed me of this news. It was about time!


Now Avon has three New & Improved formulas that will please everyone! Here is the new line up:


Skin So Soft – Original Formula (Botanical & Fresh Herbal Scent). If you’re a loyal user of the original bath oil you’re going to love this improved formula now with Jojoba Oil. It still has the same fragrance as well as softens and conditions skin all day. Skin So Soft Original is also available in Shower Gel, Gelled Body Oil, Body Lotion, and Bath Oil Spray.   Click here to see the whole SSS Original Collection.


Skin So Soft – Soft & Sensual Formula (Lush Floral & Jamine Scent). This new formula with Argan Oil locks in 50% more moisture than lotion. It offers rich hydration and restores skin’s essential moisture. SSS Soft & Sensual is also available in a new Creamy Body Wash, Shower Gel and Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion. Click here to see the whole Soft & Sensual Collection


Skin So Soft – Radiant Moisture – Fromally known as Signature Silk (Fresh Gardenia & Exotic Woods Scent).  New Skin So Soft Radiant Moisture Bath Oil  with Argan Oil boosts and illuminates skin. Signature Silk is also available in a new Creamy Body Wash, Shower Gel, Replenishing Hand Cream, Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion, Gelled Body Oil, and Perfecting Oil.   Click here to see the whole Signature Silk Collection


So there it is I am now a happy camper! I ordered my bath oil in my favorite scent (Soft & Sensual) and have been using it ever since.  My skin feels good and I smell good.

Here Are Some Tips When Using Avon Bath Oil.


How to use:

As a Bath Oil – Fill into bath and poor desired amount into water to soak yourself

As a Leave-in Moisturizer – Apply to wet skin after bath or shower, smooth all over body then wipe off with towel

Helpful Tips:

  • Be careful when pouring! It has a push twist cap but it will pour freely if dropped. So make sure your hands aren’t slippery when holding the bottle.
  • I found that while using the bath oil as a leave-in moisturizer it’s better to apply it standing on a towel rather than in the bathtub because it can leave the tub slippery.
  • The top doesn’t have anything to control the flow of the oil so I found it easier to pour it into the cap first which makes it easier to control when I’m pouring it onto my hand to apply.

Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil can be purchased through my Avon eStore and can also be found in the Bath & Body department over in current Avon Brochure online.

Have you tried Skin So Soft Avon Bath Oil?  What are your thoughts?  I’d love to hear how you use it and any helpful tips you might have!  Just leave a comment below.


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AVON Skin So Soft Review



I’ve been an Independent Avon eRepresentative since 2010. I specialize in Avon Online sales through my Avon Representative website. You can also view the Avon Book here!

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