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Hello Beauties!

Summer is around the corner and it’s time to get out there and enjoy the outdoors! Are you ready to have some fun?  Too bad those nasty little mosquitoes are just as ready and waiting to get a piece of you!   It’s  no laughing matter, now a days it isn’t just about avoiding the bites it’s also about avoiding the health risks that come along with those bites!  That’s why every time this year I do my best to get the word out that . . .


( with Avon! )

. . . and with our current giveaway I’m going to show you how!  So go ahead and play along with us for a chance to win my Ultimate Protection Collection and at the same time learn how you can protect yourself and your family from insect bites and related diseases with Avon products!

Have fun and Good Luck!

One lucky winner will receive:

Fight the Bite Giveaway Prize[/one_half]
[one_half_last]A 5-Piece Collection of Skin So Soft & Bug Guard Products worth $65!1- Original Skin So Soft Bath Oil Loyal SSS Bath Oil users swear by it as an insect repellent.

1- SKIN SO SOFT Original Bath Oil Spray Convenient take-along size can be refilled again & again
1- SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard Plus IR3535® Expedition™ SPF 30 Pump Spray For use during the day for hiking, camping at extended time. Provides 8 hour protection
1- SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard Plus IR3535® SPF 30 Gentle Breeze Lotion For family day use when picnicking, BBQ, or Sports
1- SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Aerosol Spray Used at dusk or dawn when the bugs come out the most
A $64 Value!
All this if you are our LUCKY WINNER! Good Luck!

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Fight The Bite Giveaway 2016

No purchase necessary!

Don’t miss this opportunity! This Giveaway will start at 12:00AM May 7th, 2016 and end at 11:59PM, May 25th 2016 (Pacific Time (USA). Winner will be randomly selected . No purchase is necessary. Only Residents who live in the United States will be eligible for this giveaway.  Avon company employees and Avon Independent Representative will not be eligible for this giveaway (sorry).

❤ Don’t Miss Out & Refer A Friend!

(the more friends enter the more chances you’ ll have to win!)

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  2. This is a amazing prize package! I have never used Avon bug guard products before but they look like they would keep my family safe this summer!

    1. Hi Nicole! Bug Guard is a great product and one of my most popular items during the summer. It smells good too, not so much like bug spray. Good Luck and thanks for entering!

  3. I love & have loved Avon products! Last time I ordered got a whole Skin So Soft collection with my order as a gift set! I have not tried the Bug Sprays yet ..but Want to! They sound amazing!

    1. Hi Marcy! That’s great, Skin So Soft is one of Avon’s most popular brand and getting it as a free gift is awesome! Lately Avon has been giving a ton of free gifts! In fact if you take a look at my Avon Special Offers page you’ll find the latest gifts with purchase Avon is offering!

      Thanks for sharing and good luck in the giveaway!

    1. Hi Debbie, I’m sorry you lost your job, I hope things are looking better. A good thing about Avon, Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil can be picked up for as little as $3.99 when it’s on sale, which is actually quite often

      Thanks for entering the giveaway and good luck!

  4. I love putting Skin So Soft original oil on my skin right when I get out to the shower because it moisturizes so well. I especially do when I go camping due to all the mosquitoes. As I left the shower tent near a few friends one day, they all exclaimed about how great I smelled.

  5. Great giveaway! Thanks to my mom, we’ve been using Skin So Soft for years, and I love the options of different Bug Guard products!

  6. I really like this giveaway and think the prize is great! I am always looking for better bug guard products.

  7. I USED to be lucky enough to use Avon SSS — and it DOES work against mosquitoes!!! I haven’t been able to use it though for over 17years :/ I would LOVE to see how it would work against ticks as I’ve had THREE (one even at the base of my hairline on the back of my neck yuck!!) we have two dogs and live in the woods.Thank you for this opportunity as SSS IS a great prize!!

  8. I love it…of course! My Mom has bought from Avon for so many years and is a big fan of Skin So Soft and I grew up to love it too!

  9. What a great Giveaway! Ty for the chance, I used Skin so Soft years back and liked it, smelled so nice! we go camping alot in the summer and the repellant products would be very handy!

  10. Always used SSS as a kid when spending hours outdoors. The smell reminds me of childhood adventures.

  11. have used SSS all my life and would love to try the bug guard. ty for the chance. Dianne, also want to add what a great avon rep. you are. I placed a order online for a necklace for mom (for mothers day) and got it in a week. was glad I was able to give it to her today. My dad has a avon rep. he’s known for years and it takes a month to get anything from them. Am happy I can order from you and get it shipped straight to me fast. Thumbs up!!!!

  12. Awesome giveaway, I have used this before as bug repellent before it was an actual product marketed in such a way. I would love to try this now, it has been years.

  13. i have never tried this but seems amazing love avon products and yes i love this prize pack.. thanks for this chance

  14. I love this giveaway and the prizes are so wonderful because Avon has such awesome products. I have used both the Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil and the Avon Bug Guard products and I love them because they work great.

  15. I think this is a fabulous giveaway! I live in Florida and mosquitoes and “No-see-ums” are terrible! I used Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil when I was growing up and loved it, but I haven’t used it in years!

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