Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes & Green Eyes.


Hey Beauties!

In a past post I raved about Avon’s True Color Eyeshadow Quad and how the colors were so beautiful and long lasting, how affordable they were, and … well you get the idea.


Since that post I’ve had several customers ask me for suggestions on what eye shadow quad they should select for themselves.  I know the dilemma, there are so many beautiful colors to choose from it’s hard to make a decision short of getting them all.  So lately, the suggestion I make to them is to start with a True Color Avon Eye Shadow Quad that will enhance their eye color.


I have several quads myself and love to alternate the colors depending on my mood and what I’m wearing.  But there is one quad I tend to wear often and that’s the Purple Haze True Color Quad.


At first I thought it was just because I loved the purple colors but then I realized it wasn’t just that, it was also how the colors brought out my brown eyes.  I’ve had many compliments about my eyes when I wear Avon’s Purple Haze eye shadow quad.


So what is the right color eye makeup for your eyes?
Avon has made it super easy with these following suggestions.


How to bring Out Your Eye Color with Avon True  Color Eye Shadow Quads:

Bring out your eye color and make your eyes really pop by using a contrasting eye shadow color.  Coordinate or contrast your eye liner with your eye shadow.  Black & Gray eye liner is universal and compliments any eye shadow combination.


Eye Makeup for Brown eyes


COLORS that POP: purples, greens and blues

Purple Haze Quad,  Fresh Cut Flowers



Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes


COLORS that POP: gold, copper, browns…or violets


Warm Sunrise, Mocha Latte Quad, Chocolate Sensation


Eye Makeup for Green eyes

COLORS that POP: berries and browns


Purple Haze, Romantic Mauves


Hazel Eyes Makeup COLORS that POP: greys, pink, copper


Urban Skyline, Warm Sunrise


Eye Makeup for ALL Eyes



Mocha Latte, Naked Truth


Now of course the above suggestions aren’t written in stone,  but more to be used as a starting point if you’re new to using Avon Eye Shadow.  So if you like a shadow color that isn’t within the above range, who cares!  Go for it!  The great thing about Avon Eye Shadows are the color pallets are designed to look great on every skin tone!


You can purchase Avon Eye Shadow at my Avon Rep eStore, and more often then not, you can find them on sale.  If you have any questions or comments about Avon True Color Quad feel free to comment at the bottom of this page.  And don’t forget to tell a friend!


You can purchase Avon Eye Shadow at Avon Online Store


Order Avon Eye Shadow Here





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