Earth Day 2016

In honor of Earth Day…I’ve Gone GREEN!

Hello Beauties!  Happy Earth Day!

Every little bit we can do to preserve our Earth’s resources helps.   Everything counts!  A couple ways I’ve made an effort is by replacing plastic water bottles with reusable ones and by going paperless.  I no longer have my bank & bill statement mailed to me, I have them “emailed” to me.  But I haven’t stopped there, my Avon business is also paperless!

Back in 2011  I  decided to make the switch from being a traditional Avon Representative to becoming exclusively an Avon e-Representative. Doing so cut my paper usage by almost 90%!  Rather than traditionally  distributing Avon’s paper catalog to all my customers I encourage them to view the Avon eBrochure  over at my Avon Rep website.  Now this may not seem like such a big deal but if you really think about it, by cutting down on my paper use, over the years I may have saved a tree or two.  Now just imagine if everyone went paperless! We could save a whole forest!

When it comes to Earth Day
YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! No matter how small!

The Avon Corporation is also committed to managing their environmental footprint by “Going Green” in their daily operations.  Avon’s distribution center in Zanesville, Ohio, was their first facility to achieve LEED Gold certification  and followed by 4 other Avon facilities:

  • Avon’s largest distribution center worldwide in Sao Paulo, Brazil, received LEED Gold certification
  • Avon’s distribution center in Guarne, Colombia, was the first new construction in Colombia to receive LEED Gold certification
  • Avon’s research & development center in Shanghai, China, received LEED Platinum certification for its interior space
  • and Avon’s U.S. headquarters in New York, N.Y., was awarded LEED Gold certification for its interior space

Avon also uses 100% recycled paper for the  Catalogs and made this statment over at their Corporate website:

“As a direct seller whose ‘store’ is the brochure and printed materials, with virtually no brick and mortar stores, Avon is a significant user of paper. The issue of deforestation is especially important to Avon given our reliance on paper. We are committed to helping end deforestation through our internal efforts and policies, including the Avon Paper Promise and Avon Palm Oil Promise and our reforestation fundraising initiative, Healthy Forests, Beautiful World.”

~ Avon Corportion

It’s a great knowing that the company I represent shares the same concern for our environment as I do and together we can continue to keep our earth beautiful today and in the future.

You can read more about Avon’s Environmental Commitment here.

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