Avon Ergonomic TweezersThis morning I was surfing the net hitting all my favorite beauty websites and I came across a post about Ergonomic Beauty Products to Make Your Life Easier. I liked the article and it is true,  finding a good beauty product that works well but also has the added benefit of being ergonomic is a great bonus. But what caught my attention when I was reading this article was how expensive these products all are!

Avon has there own ergonomic line that is a fraction of the price. An example being the tweezers, the Japonesque’s ergonomic tweezers are $29 for a set of two!  Come on $29 bucks! I don’t think I’d ever spend that much, even if they were the best tweezers in the world! Especially since Avon sells similar tweezers for $5 each and very often you can find them on sale. Avon’s ergonomic tweezers are one of the best tweezers they have and I purchased mine for only $1.99 on sale.  They grip well, are very comfortable to hold and  are easy to handle when trying to tweeze those hard to reach smaller hairs. I think they are one of the best tweezers I’ve had and I use them all the time. So here is the article I came across.

Ergonomic Beauty Products to Make Your Life Easier

Ergonomic Beauty ProductsWhen you think of ergonomics, you probably think of oddly shaped keyboards and office chairs equipped to reduce strain on the back, but you likely don’t think of beauty products. However, there are a whole slew of personal care goods that feature such well-thought-out designs as swerved handles, smoothed angles, and curved mechanisms that can make your life a whole lot easier. Japonesque’s ergonomic mini tweezer set ($29), for instance, is made specifically for maximizing comfort and control during hair removal. (Avon’s do the same 🙂 )
And then there’s Klhip’s Ultimate Clipper, a hefty price at $70, but you’ll have it forever. Its reversed lever makes cutting softer and smoother, so much that you’ll find you probably won’t need to file your nails after grooming. And thanks to its gentler pressure, you’ll love that clippings won’t go flying to no man’s land during the process. To see more ergonomic beauty products and discover more, just click on any of the images above.

All these items are great and if you can’t find them anywhere else then yes, it may be worth paying that pretty price. But what I love about Avon is they always seem to offer an alternative that is much more reasonably priced without compromising the quality. So when you’re surfing the internet and you come across something you just have to try, check out Avon before you buy. You may be surprised they have the same type of product at a very different friendlier price.


Avon’s Ergonomic Tweezers are are no longer available.



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