Avon Sheet Mask Review & How To Use!


Recently  in the Avon Brochure, Avon introduced a brand new product to the Anew Skin Care Line,  Anew Sheet Masks.

Now anytime Avon launches a new product it’s always exciting but for this particular launch it was extra exciting because Avon asked “Me” to be their Guest Representative in their National Campaign video that goes out to Avon Reps throughout the country! 


Avon Campaign Central Dianne Hernandez on Sheet Masks
Click the image to watch me in Avon’s Campaign Central Video!


Along with the national exposure and the opportunity to share selling tips to other Avon Representatives,  Avon also asked me to try their brand new sheet masks so I could share my thoughts about them on the video, so as an extra bonus, I got to try the Anew Sheet Masks in advance before the debut in Campaign 7!


When Avon had originally made contact to ask me to join them on the video they had mentioned my Avon customers purchased more skin care products than any other item and that’s why they chose me for the Campaign 7 episode when the Sheet Masks would launch. 


Avon Anew Sheet Mask Review


What Are Sheet Masks?

Now,  I had read and heard a lot of great things about other sheet masks and seen celebrities post selfies during the awards season, but I myself had never tried a sheet mask, so I was really looking forward to trying them.


While I was waiting for my  Anew Facial Sheet Masks to arrive I did a little research on sheet masks in general and discovered though the trend is fairly new here in the United States, they initially originated in Korea over a decade ago!


And though they are called “masks” due to their appearance, they do not offer the same exfoliating & purifying results a traditional facial mask would.  So they are not meant to replace these products.


And though most sheet masks are saturated in an hydrating serum they also aren’t meant to replace your everyday serum treatments either (eg: Anew Power Serum).


So with that said, you may be wondering, if they aren’t meant to replace traditional mask & serum treatments then what  are they good for?


Avon Sheet Masks


Well, this is where they are unique.  Most sheet masks  are saturated with a concentrated, ultra-hydrating serum that penetrates deep into the skin, so they’re great to use when your skin needs an extra moisture boost.


And because you get immediate results, using a sheet mask before date night, or a special event are ideal.  They’re also easy to pack so if you travel you can take them with you to use after  a long flight to reverse the dryness of air travel.


So now that we have a little info about what sheet masks are, let’s talk about the ones we’re most interested in Avon Anew Sheet Masks!


Avon Anew Sheet Masks


Anew Sheet Masks come 4 to a pack and there are  two mask serums to choose from, there’s the Anew Firming Sheet Mask with Royal Jelly Essence known for its firming and anti-aging benefits and then there’s the Anew Brightening Sheet Masks with White Pearl Essence known for its brightening qualities. 


How To Use Avon Sheet Masks


You can use them once or twice a week and all you do is carefully unfold them, apply to your cleansed face, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and then remove and massage the serum into your face & neck. 


As mentioned earlier, you’ll see immediate results, your skin will feel refreshed and hydrated, as well as firm and brightened depending on the serum you chose.


And as for my thoughts, I’m sold!  I loved the way my skin felt after removing the mask so I’ll definitely be using them regularly.  If you haven’t already, take a look at the video at the top of the page to view my experience.


For more product information, how to use, how to purchase and additional videos just click this link to visit the Anew Sheet Mask page over at my Avon eStore here. You can also find the latest sales for Avon Anew Skin Care as well as the Anew Sheet Masks in the current Avon Catalog.


Thanks for taking the time to visit, and if you have questions about the Sheet Masks feel free to send me an email, text, or contact me directly here.


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    1. Hi Laurie,

      If you try the Avon Masks out I would love to hear what you have to say! Whether you liked or not. It’s always nice to get other feed back so please let us know 😉

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I did not know much about how sheet masks worked until I read your article. I thought they were like other masks, but they’re not. I am most excited that they show immediate results, and that Avon offers you a choice on whether you want a firming one or a brightening one. Thank you for reminding me also that these are to be used in addition to regular beauty products, not replacements.

  2. I have used a sheet mask before and I wasn’t very impressed with it; however, after watching your video, I think the main issue I had is the mask was too dry and didn’t conform well to my face. I like how the Avon one really formed to your face WAY better. I would love to try these!

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