Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss

Recently I tried Avon’s Lip Gloss Glazewear, and I have to tell you I’m hooked.
I’ve never really been one for lip gloss because I just have never found a brand I cared for. They’re either  too thick and gloppy or they’re just way too shiny and the color faded too fast.
But the other day I was flipping through the Avon brochure and their lip gloss was on sale for a $1.99 can you believe it!  So I bought a couple, I figured at that price I have nothing to lose, and I gotta’ tell you I love it!
Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss goes on smooth and it doesn’t have that thick sticky feel. It has a nice shine that isn’t over-the-top! I also noticed the Glazewear lip gloss made my lips feel really good, they felt moist.

Avon Glazewear has over 16 shades and come in three finishes:
Shine – has a higher gloss finish
Sparkle – has a shimmer metallic finish
Satin –  is less glossy with no sparkle/shimmer
Avon Glazewear is a great value at only $6

At $6 Avon Glazewear lip gloss is already a great price and far cheaper than the department store brands and more often then not you can find them on sale at the Avon website.

Have you tried Avons Glazewear Lip Gloss? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.
For current prices and sales on Avon Glazewear visit the Avon website here!

von Glazewear Lip Gloss

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