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Avon Holiday 2016 Christmas Gifts & Home Decor

The Avon Christmas 2016 Holiday Collection
is Available Now!


Take a Look at This Year’s Line Up!

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The Holidays are quickly approaching! Get a head start planning your Holiday & Christmas lists here. The Avon Holiday 2016 Collection will be rolling out new items with the upcoming Avon Catalogs in Campaigns 23, 24, 25 & 26 and promises to be the biggest ever.

Avon Christmas & Holiday Gifts 2016

I had the opportunity to preview the collection for the upcoming season and I have to say this is the biggest holiday collection Avon has had yet! I can’t wait until they become available, I know Avon’s 2016 Holiday Collection is going to WOW you just like it did me.

There are so many exclusive and fun Holiday items coming this season I don’t have room to list them all but if you watch the video above you can get a quick preview of the holiday favorites Avon will be adding in the weeks to come.

Take a Look at Avon’s Special Holiday Catalog
Avon Living 2016 Holiday Edition


Avon Living Holiday Edition - Take A Look!
Avon Living Holiday Edition is NOW Available! Click to Shop!



Avon Holiday Brochures (preview below)!

Here’s a preview of some of the Avon Christmas 2016 Catalogs coming out this season as well as the Avon Holiday brochures currently available. Keep in mind the Future Avon catalogs shown below are only for preview. Some items may not be available now.

So make sure to come back to view the Avon Catalog when they are scheduled to come out throughout the Holiday Season to make sure you don’t miss anything. Avon will begin to roll out their holiday gifts & decorations beginning in Campaign 23 and will continue introducing new gift items in every catalog up until Campaign 26.


Important! Some links in the Preview Catalogs below will not be available until the actual release date.

  • Avon Catalog C23
    October 12-25 2016
  • Avon Outlet C23
    October 12-25 2016avon-holiday-outlet-c23
  • Avon Flyer C23
    October 12-25 2016avon-holiday-flyer-c23
  • Avon Catalog C24
    Oct 26 to Nov 8, 2016
  • Avon Living C24
    Oct 26 to Dec 31, 2016
    AVAILABLE NOW! Avon Living Holiday Edition
  • Avon Flyer C24
    Oct 26 to Nov 8, 2016
  • Avon Catalog C25
    Nov 9 – 22, 2016Avon Catalog Campaign 25 Holiday Brochure
  • Avon Outlet C25
    Nov 9 – 22, 2016Avon Holiday Flyer Campaign 25
  • Avon Flyer C25
    Nov 9 – 22, 2016
    Avon Holiday Flyer Campaign 25
  • Avon Catalog C26
    Nov 23 – Dec 06, 2016
    Avon Holiday Catalog Campaign 26
  • Avon Mark C26
    Nov 23 – Dec 06, 2016
    Avon Holiday Catalog Campaign 26
  • Avon Flyer C26
    Nov 23 – Dec 06, 2016
    Avon Living Holiday Edition
  • Avon Catalog C01
    Dec 7 – 17, 2016
    Available Now
    Avon Catalog Campaign 1 2016
  • Avon Outlet C01
    Dec 7 – 17, 2016
    Available Now
    Avon Outlet Campaign 1 2016
  • Avon Flyer C01
    Dec 7 – 17, 2016
    Available Now
    Avon Flyer Campaign 1 2016


More Holiday Catalogs to Come When Available!

*Future Avon catalogs shown are only for preview. Some items may not be available prior to scheduled release.

Here’s how shopping Avon online for the holidays can benefit you:

Shopping Avon online for your holiday shopping is super easy and you won’t have to wait for “Avon Black Friday Sales & Deals to get great deals. You will find cute stocking stuffers as low as .99₵ in addition to exclusive Avon collectibles & gifts that will bring smiles to your loved ones as well as your wallet.

Avon has something for everyone!

You’ll find gifts for kids, teens, moms, dads and everyone else on your list. Avon has great gift sets, jewelry, holiday décor and stocking stuffers that everyone will enjoy.

No Crowds to fight, Mall traffic or bad weather to deal with.

Save gas & time, and get through your holiday list without even having to leave your home!

Get your Christmas shopping done early

Avon is open 24 /7. So even if your days are packed with work, kids, holiday parties and events you can still get thru your Christmas list early enough to enjoy the rest of the holiday season doing other things you enjoy.

Everyday Free Shipping

Not only will you save gas by not having to drive everywhere for your holiday shopping but Avon will ship your $40 purchase free when you make your purchase thru my Avon Representative website.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With Avon your purchase is covered with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Return policy. If for any reason you are not happy with an item Avon will refund your money with no questions asked.

I’ve been an Independent Avon eRepresentative for over 6 years. I specialize in online sales through my Avon Representative website. You can read more about me here

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