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Avon Campaign 23 October 2016

This is the Avon Campaign 23 Catalog

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Here’s what’s going on in the Avon Campaign 23 2016 !


I’m so excited about this campaign because as I was putting this video together I realized the Avon Campaign 23 2016 catalog really highlights the uniqueness Avon is as a company.
Avon has always been a leader and innovator in the beauty industry and are known for a lot of things but Avon shines through in three categories that have always made me proud to represent this amazing company.

Those categories are in the role they play as Skin Care Innovators, their involvement in Fighting Breast Cancer and their unique Holiday Collectibles everyone anticipates during the holiday.

In campaign 23 we feature all three of these of catagories so get comfy because today’s video will be longer than usual, but you’ll definitely want to watch it though so you don’t miss a thing!


Ok so let’s start in Skin Care and the featured cover.


A New Breakthrough Skin Care Product!

In Campaign 23 Avon introduces their newest skin care breakthrough Anew Ultimate Supreme!  This Luxurious night cream is infused with Tahitian Black Pearl and is like no other crème Avon has ever introduced!

Tahitian Black Pearl is known to enhance the skins ability to retain moisture, and this top of the line night cream delivers 12 x the moisture, IN FACT in a clinical study, it out performed a premium cream from Lancome that sells for $395.


Now I’ve been using Ultimate Supreme for the past COUPLE MONTHS and I honestly can say it’s a winner!  Avon really hit the mark with this one!

The cream is super lightweight and has such a lovely texture, it’s non greasy, doesn’t feel sticky and it’s so silky all you need is a dab or two to cover your skin.

After using it for just a week I noticed a big difference in my skin’s texture, it feels hydrated AND  SMOOTH AND , just OVER ALL good!

Now I noticed in the catalog it says to use twice a day but the literature I received from Avon when they gave me the sample says to use it as a Night Moisturizer after the treat step and before the Eye Step.  It can also be used alone so you if you don’t use Anew Clinical Treatments you can just apply it right after cleansing.
Now in the catalog,  Avon suggests using Anew Ultimate Supreme twice a day and I suppose you could use it as day cream  so if you do, just be aware the formula doesn’t have any SPF which is an important ingredient for any day cream.   I personally have been using it only as a night cream and it’s been amazing. So either way you use it you should see great results.


So by now, I’m sure your wonder how much this exclusive cream with Tahitian Black Pearl is going to cost.  It is Avon’s Top of the line cream so it will be a little more expensive than the others but, considering the rave reviews and benefits this cream has to offer it will be well worth it.

In campaign 23 Anew Ultimate Supreme is offered at a special introductory price of only $34.99 that is an amazing price.  In future catalogs after the launch Anew Ultimate Supreme will be offered at the regular price of $50 which is still a great value when you compare it to Lancome’s premium cream going at $395!


I also thought I should add that the Ultimate Multi Performance Night Cream will still be available and will continue to be sold as usual.   But now you’ll have a choice between the two depending on your needs.

Speaking of Anew Ultimate Multi Performance, Avon is having a Buy One Get One for $5 offer on the night cream as well as all other Anew  Anti-Aging Regimens products & select Clinical Treatments.  All other Anew Clinical products can be found at great sale prices as well so you’ll definitely want to check out the rest of this department



 Avon Pink Ribbon Products

Ok now were going to talk about the next category Avon takes a leading role in and that’s Breast Cancer Awareness!


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and this month we honor Breast Cancer Survivors and those who are currently battling the disease.


One way to raise awareness is with Avon Pink Ribbon items.

Since 1992 the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade pioneered the sales of Pink Ribbon products and has donated over 800 million dollars with breast cancer programs to help fund advance research and access to care.


With every Pink Ribbon purchase Avon will donate a portion of the net profits to the cause.  And though it may seem like purchasing a pink ribbon token is a small contribution it all adds up.  Together we can make a difference and be a part of this life saving cause.


And coming up this month on Friday, October 21, it’s National Mammogram day.  Early detection can make a difference so do it for yourself and encourage every women you know to do the same.


I also be announcing my Pink Ribbon Giveaway where wher not only will you have the opportunity to spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness, but you’ll also have the chance to Win Avon pink Ribbon products!  So stay tuned and check back on this page for my upcoming giveaway announcement later on this week.


Catch the Holiday Preview in the Avon Campaign 23 2016 Catalog

Then in the next category that Avon shines through is in their unique Holiday Collection. And in Campaign 23 Avon give us a sneak peek of the upcoming Holiday lineup!  It’s never too early to start planning for the holidays and inside Campaign 23 we get a glimpse of what’s to come.


Look for pages marked Holiday Preview towards the back of the catalog for gift ideas in Jewelry, Bath & Body, Fragrance and more.


Then from here on out new Holiday items will continue to debut in each new catalog now through Campaign 26.


Avon Holiday Collectibles and Exclusive items are unique to Avon and can’t be found anywhere else. They typically sell out quickly so you’ll want to make sure you place your order early when you see something that catches your attention.


Great Sales in Avon Fragrance

In the fragrance department, So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara, Avon’s newest fragrance is still on special at the introductory price of $36 and with each purchase you’ll get a free full size shower gel and Body Lotion.    Avon is also offering a Free Shower Gel and Body Lotion set with every Avon Attraction for her purchase.


Then,  Rare Gold  5-piece Collection is a rare find at only $23 ,  both fragrances form the Haiku Collection are on sale for only $9.99 each and  there’s a Buy One Get One Free on  other  popular Avon fragrances.


Avon Bath & Body Sales

And wrapping it up we stop over in the Bath & Body department for Avon’s “More the Merrier” sale where you can pick up bonus sized Skin So Soft Body Oils for only $15.99,  Bonus Sized Skin So Soft and Moisture Therapy Body Lotions for only  $10.99 and Senses Bubble Bath for only $4.99.


You’ll find all other Skin So Soft products also on special as well as a Buy One Get One Free on Avon Senses products plus a great offer on these 5-piece Senses Collections.


Wow, we’ve covered a lot and have gone way over time but I appreciate your sticking with me!

But believe or not I’ve only touched on just a few of the sales found in the Avon Campaign 23 2016 catalog, there’s so much more you’ll want to checkout, especially in the Home and Avon Living Departments for Seasonal Fall & Halloween décor!

Halloween is just a couple weeks away but you still have time to make it extra creepy with Avon Living holiday items.



The Avon Campaign 23 2016 Catalog & Flyers will be available October 12 – 25, 2016

Avon Campaign 23 2016

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