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Here’s What’s Going On In the Campaign 21 Avon Book!


You are currently viewing the Avon Campaign 16 Catalog.  For the the most  current Avon Brochure Click Here.


Avon Holiday Collection 2023


In Campaign 21 Avon gives us a sneak peek of the upcoming Holiday lineup!  You’ll find over 35 pages of Avon Limited Edition Holiday gifts.  Then from here on out new Holiday items will continue to debut in each new catalog now through Campaign 26.

The first of Avon’s 2023 Holiday Catalog’s is finally here!  It’s never too early to start planning for the holidays and inside Campaign 23 you’ll get a glimpse of what’s to come.  Avon Holiday Collectibles and Exclusive items are unique to Avon and can’t be found anywhere else. They typically sell out quickly so you’ll want to make sure you place your order early when you see something that catches your attention.

Avon will continue rolling out new Holiday items now until Christmas!  For a sneak peek of future holiday catalogs and the rest of Avon’s Holiday Collection just hop on over to my Avon Holiday page for full preview of the Avon  2023 Christmas lineup!

Just click this link to take a look at the  2023 Avon Christmas Holiday Catalogs!



Avon 2023 Collectible Pewter Ornament


Collectors Alert!  Avon’s 2023 Pewter Ornament is out and this year we have a lovely inspirational ornament!  If you’re new to Avon, every year Avon comes out with a new pewter ornament and many of my customers, myself included, have been collecting them for years!

This year Avon’s 2023 Pewter Ornament features a beautiful message of joy, love, peace, & family.  On the back of the ornament you’ll find  the embossed “Avon Fine Collectibles” logo.  A velvet keepsake pouch is included with an easy-to-hang tassel   Avon Collectible ornaments tend to sell out fast so if you’ve been collecting or want to start a new tradition make sure get yours now before they sell out!


Avon Holiday Hand Creams


Avon Holiday Hand Creams make lovely “Thought Gifts” for  Teachers, Co-Workers, Community Helpers and anyone else you want to wish a Happy Holiday too.  Add to a treat bag with holiday candy or cookies and your good to go!

These  popular stocking stuffers  sell out fast so sock up on your Holiday Hand Creams now before they’re gone! This year Avon offers a new Skin So Soft scent(Pear & Freesia) ! Just $2.49 each.

Avon Skin So Soft Pear and Freesia Hand Cream

Avon Moisture Therapy Soothing and Hydrating  Hand Cream


Avon Wow Deal



Then lastly you won’t want to miss Avon’s Back Cover Deal!  You’ll save $70 on the latest WOW Deal.  Rejuvenate and pamper your skin and hair with this 5-piece collection.

    • Isa Knox LXNEW Ultimate Rejuvenating Day Cream
    • Isa Knox Anew Clinical Revitalize & Reveal Resurfacing Lotion for Body
    • The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Gentle Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser
    • Elastine Moisture Essentials Moroccan Argan Oil Shine Hair Oil Serum
    • Elastine Moisture Essentials Ceramide & Argan Oil Shine Shampoo

A $117 value!  Yours for just $40! You’ll save $70!


Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re shopping at my Avon Online Store.

  • All orders $60 or more get Everyday Free Shipping!
  • Avon will add a FREE Gift to your order with any $60 purchase!
  • How To Get The New Brochure – there a three convenient ways to get the latest Avon brochure.  First, you can view it online over at my online store, or you can download a copy on this page,  and for an even more interactive view you can take a look at Avon’s new Digital brochure where you can watch product videos and play with the virtual makeover tool. You can also add a free copy of the brochure to your Avon Shopping cart before checking out.

All items mentioned, as well as all items in the entire Avon Brochure can be purchased thru my Avon Representative website!

Avon Campaign 21 sale prices and items will be available October 11 – 24, 2023



You are currently viewing the Avon Campaign 16 Catalog.  For the the most  current Avon Brochure Click Here.

Click here to order from the newest Avon campaign brochure.


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