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Avon Campaign 20 – September 2017

Take a Look at the Avon Campaign 20 Catalog!

Check Out My Top 5 Picks From the Avon Campaign 20 Catalog!

Every Campaign 20 Purchase will automatically be entered into my giveaway! Get Details!


Avon Campaign 20 will be available  August 28 to September 12, 2017


Hello Beauties!  Today we’ll be going over my Top 5 Avon Catalog Picks for Campaign 20 plus details on my current Campaign Giveaway and Avon’s current A Box offered for this campaign!


Here’s what’s going on the current Avon Catalog.  In the first 20 pages of the catalog Avon share there best of beauty picks.  These are Avon Top Performing products from Makeup, Fragrance, Skin Care and Bath & Body that go above and beyond all the rest which makes them customer favorites. 


And in Campaign 20 these products are all on sale!


Avon Campaign 21  Customer Giveaway

Avon Campaign 21  Customer Giveaway


With that said for everyone who places an order through my Avon eStore during Campaign 20, you’ll automatically be entered into my Campaign Giveaway.

This is an exclusive giveaway offered by me personally and only for my Avon Customers.

For this Campaign you’ll have a chance to win Avon’s Best of Beauty Makeup Collection!  This 4 Piece set of Avon’s best-selling makeup includes:


  • Beyond Color Lipstick in your choice of color
  • A Beyond Color Lip Conditioner
  • Wash Off Waterproof Mascara
  • And  MagiX Face Perfector


Now not only are these Best of Beauty items customer favorites but these products are my favorites too and I know you’ll love them also if you’re our Campaign 20 Winner.  


Three winners will be selected for this giveaway and each prize is valued at $32 dollars.   For more details about my campaign giveaways and the current prize just click on the Campaign Giveaway link below or near this video.


Avon Campaign  20 A Box –  The Best of Beauty Collection

Avon Campaign  20 A Box -  The Best of Beauty Collection


Ok now, before we get into my Top 5 Picks for the Campaign 20 Avon Catalog, let’s talk about the new A Box offered in this campaign.  The Avon box is Avon’s very own beauty box.  A new exclusive A Box is featured in every campaign and can be picked up for only $10 with any $40 Avon purchase.

In Campaign 20 we have the Best of Beauty Collection featuring


  • Anew Ultimate Day & Night Cream Mini’s
  • And Power Serum Mini
  • A Full Sized Avon True Color Lip Stick in Cherry Jubilee which I’m wearing today
  • A True Color Glimmerstick in Blackest Black


This A Box Best of Beauty Collection is valued at $48 but with any $40 Campaign purchase you get it for $10 and only in Campaign 20!


Top 5 Picks From The Avon Campaign 20 Catalog


My #5 Pick is the Avon Campaign 20 Outlet   

Avon Campaign 20 Outlet        

 Starting with Number 5, this was actually a pick I wanted to share last campaign but couldn’t fit it in but the offers still going on so I get to share it after all!  


So my Number 5 pick is the Avon Outlet!  We actually have 2 Outlet flyers available in Campaign 20 and you’ll want to check out both, but the Outlet for Campaign 19 & 20 is the one I want to focus on.


This outlet flyer is the largest one I’ve seen with over 75 pages of clearance and overstock items.  You’ll find past season products from Jewelry, Fashion, Bath & Body, Makeup and even the Avon Living Collections. 


Outlet items are on available only while supplies last so if you see something you like make sure to order as soon as you can because when they sell out they won’t be available any longer.



Top Pick #4:   Avon Skin So Soft Original 4 Piece Set $20

 Avon Skin So Soft Original 4 Piece Set $20


My top pick for #4 is Avon Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil.    Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil is one of Avon’s Best of Beauty picks as far as the product but the actual offer I’m sharing you’ll find on page 129 of the Avon Catalog.



Top Pick # 3   Avon Anew Ultimate Cleanser


Ok moving on to number 3, we have the loved Avon Anew Ultimate Cleanser!  It’s Back!!!
Avon discontinued the cleanser over a year ago but so many customers were disappointed and let Avon Know it!  Well Avon heard loud and clear and they brought it back!

I know many of you are jumping for joy right now and you’ll be jumping even higher because right now it’s on sale for only $6.99


This is an amazing offer where you can a 4 piece collection of Original Bath Oil product for only $20 the bath oil alone is $20 so it’s like getting the Body Wash, Body Lotion & Shower Gel for Free!



Top Pick # 2  Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System


For Number 4 we have a Best of Beauty Pick Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System.


The eye cream is amazing you’ll actually see results in 7 days.  If your eyes need a lift all you do is apply the gel to your brow bone and the cream under the eye area.  The gel lifts and tightens and the cream will minimize under eye darkness and wrinkles.

This pro formula is hypo allergenic, suitable for sensitive skin and on sale for just $19.99, you’ll save $8



My  # 1 Top Pick From  The Avon Campaign 20 Catalog  – Avon  Beauty Boost Face Masks

Avon Campaign 20 Beauty Boost Face Masks


And lastly my Number 1 Top Pick is Avon’s New Limited Edition Beauty Boost Face Masks!

This 7-Piece Set just came out in Campaign 20 and can’t wait to use it but I wanted to save it so I could show the complete kit. 


It comes with 6 single use masks and a boosting serum to maximize the effect of each mask!  Each masks targets different concerns and can be use alone or combined to target specific areas of the face with different masks.




Now these are just my 5 favorite things from the Campaign 20 Avon Catalog there’s so much more to find so go ahead and check out the rest of the catalog over at my Avon eStore.


You can view online Avon Catalog there as well as place your order.  You can use my EZ Link  GoHereToShop.com  or click the image below.



Avon Campaign 20 sale prices and items will be available August 28 through September 12, 2017



Avon Catalog Current Brochure

Click here to view the latest Avon Catalog Sales & Deals !

Avon Campaign 20 offers so many great deals! Check Avon's Best of Beauty & my Top 5 Picks from the  plus info on my current giveaway!
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