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Campaign 2 will be available
 January 17 – 30, 2024


In  Campaign 2 We Celebrate the New Year!  

The New Year is always a great time to change things up a bit & to try something new, and in the Avon Campaign 2 Catalog you’ll find a great selection of fashions, colors & scents and everything else to help you do just that!

The New Year is also a great time to start caring for your skin and with Anew Anti-Aging Regimens, Serums & Treatments it’s easier than ever.  With just 4 steps to great skin, this year you’ll look better than ever!  For  great deals in skin care make sure to check out all the sales in this department!


Then you can enhance your great skin with Avon Makeup.  In the makeup section of the Avon Catalog you’ll find beautiful colors and how-to guides to get your favorite look.


Why not try a brand new Avon fragrance! Whether you love romantic, chic seductive or daring  scents there’s something for everyone in the Avon Fragrance Department!  And right now most popular fragrances are on sale.

So take a look at this department and if you need help with your selection or have questions about a scent I encourage you to contact me, I’m only a comment, text, email, or phone call away!

And lastly, this year, don’t forget to pamper yourself with Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil and Moisture Therapy products! With the dry winter weather give your skin that extra attention it deserves!


So this year promise yourself to try something new! Whether it’s a new look, new color or new fragrance or scheduling some “Me” time , Campaign 2 has everything you need to make yourself and the New Year even more fabulous!


You’ll find all this plus more in the Campaign 2 Avon Online Catalog.  Campaign 2 will be available January 17 thru January 30th, 2024


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