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Avon Campaign 18 Highlights August 2018

Avon Campaign 18 Sales, Deals & Special Offers
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The Campaign 18 Avon Brochure will be available August 7 – 20, 2018


Hello Beauties!

Avon Campaign 18 is out and this is one Avon Catalog you won’t want to miss!  From New products, FREE Gifts and FREE Shipping the deals keep coming in Campaign 18!  Watch the video to the very end for all the details!

Avon Campaign 18 Special Offers:

First Avon introduces a brand new product to the Anew family with Anew Unlimited Lash Serum!  This new serum promises to make your lashes longer and thicker in just 8 weeks!


Avon Campaign 18 Unlimited Lash Debut


You can use it on your eyelashes and your eye brows.   Lashes will get faster results than eyebrows as the brows have a slower growth cycle, but just give it about 12 weeks and apply every evening before bedtime to clean dry skin on the upper lash line before moisturizing.

For a limited time, in the Campaign 18 Avon Brochure,  Anew Ultimate Lash Serum will be offered at an introductory price of only $39.99, that ‘s $20 off the regular price!   This is a great value when compared to other brands going for $80 and up. As always Avon offers a quality product at affordable prices.


Free Gifts in Avon Campaign 18


Avon-Unlimited-Lash-Serum Special Offer

Along with this when you purchase an Anew Ultimate Lash Serum in Campaign 18 Avon will through in a FREE Anew Clinical Ultimate Eye Lift Pro!  This is Avon’s best selling eye cream and valued at $28!  Anew Eye Lift Pro offer instant results as it lifts and brighten the upper and under eye areas.   But if that isn’t enough, there’s more!




Free Shipping And Gifts in Avon Campaign 18

If your order from any of the Campaign 18 Avon Books is $50 or more, Avon is also going to through in a FREE Ultimate Regimen kit for FREE!  That’s a $121 value yours free when your Avon online  purchase is $50 or more. WATCH VIDEO FOR  YOUR AVON COUPON CODE




In addition to the Free Gifts mentioned above, Campaign 18 is offering Avon FREE SHIPPING on $25 orders through Avon Campaign 18!  WATCH VIDEO FOR COUPON CODE!


As you can see this is one Avon Campaign you’ll definitely want to take a look at!


The Avon Campaign 18 Avon Catalog will be available August 07 -20, 2018


You are currently viewing the Avon Campaign 18 Catalog.  For the the most  current Avon Brochure Click Here.




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