The Ultimate Guide To Avon Anew Cleanser

Avon Anew Cleanser:  A Whole New Product Line Just For You!


Avon Anew Cleanser


Hi Everyone!  Today I’d like to share a little about Avon’s newest addition to the Anew Skin Care family.  Now many of you may be familiar with Avon’s skin care regimen products, and also familiar with Avon Anew Cleanser, in the past each regimen had a matching cleanser.


But now that’s all changed!  Avon has discontinued all their regimen cleansers which included Anew Platinum Cleanser, Anew Ultimate cleanser, Anew Reversalist Cleanser, & Anew Vital Cleanser.


Avon has now simplified their cleansing products into one new product line called ANEW CLEAN.


Everyone needs to cleanse their skin but we all have different needs and that’s what makes this new product line so appealing.  Perfect for every skin type and any age, these new cleansers can be used with any skin care regimen and are completely customizable.  So if you’re looking for an Avon Face Wash to replace your Avon Anew Cleanser then continue reading for all the details about the current line of Avon Cleansers.


Anew Clean Cleansers


Avon Cleansers


First we start with the Anew Clean Cleansers.  Every skin care regimen should start with a good facial cleanser and using this new line of Avon Cleanser is perfect for prepping your skin before using any other Avon skin care product.   The new powerful but gentle cleansing formulas designed for Normal-to-Dry skin, Normal-to-Combination skin and oily combination skin, won’t strip or dry out your skin, as they don’t contain any soap or alcohol.

The new line of Avon Anew Cleanser can be used alone or in combination with the Anew Clean Cleansing brush for a gentle deep down clean.


Anew Clean Cleansing Brush


Avon Anew Cleanser - Cleansing Brush

The Anew Clean Cleansing Brush is gentle enough for sensitive skin and for daily use.   This is not a rotating brush but rather the brush gently vibrates to loosen dirt and oils.  And though the bristles are super soft, don’t let that fool you, you’ll still get a great clean.  The vibrating brush cleanses 5x better than when cleansing with your hands and it’s water resistant and battery operated so you can virtually use it anywhere.


Additional Avon Anew Cleansing Products




In addition to the daily face cleansers, Avon has also added products that many customers have been asking for.   Now with Avon’s daily facial scrub,  cleansing water, makeup remover wipes and daily toner, your skin will feel clean, smooth and conditioned.


Avon Anew Clean Refining Daily Scrub

Avon’s daily scrub provides gentle exfoliation improving skins texture and smoothness, it’s also gentle enough to use every day morning and night and suitable for sensitive skin.


Avon Anew Micellar Cleansing Water


Anew-Cleansing-WaterSometimes water can do more harm to the skin then good, especially if the water in your area is hard or has minerals that can harm the skin.

Micellar Cleansing Water is perfect for cleansing the skin with or without water as it cleanses while maintaining moisture and doesn’t need to be rinsed off.


What the heck is Micellar Water and HOW do I use it?

Now you might be wondering “What the heck is Micellar Water!”  I asked the same thing.   Well it isn’t exactly a cleanser or a toner but something in between.

Avon’s Cleansing Water is made up of Micelle molecules.  These little guys, draw out oils and impurities without drying out the skin.    Micelle Molecules pull dirt, and oil away from the skin as well as makeup, even waterproof makeup and can be used as a facial wash, makeup remover and moisturizer all in one!


How to use Anew Clean Micelle Cleansing Water

All you need to do is saturate a cotton pad and gently wipe over your face and eyes to remove makeup.  Of course you’ll want to make sure you close your eyes before wiping off your eye makeup and if you have heavy makeup or waterproof mascara you may need to go over more than once.


There’s no need to wash it off but you can if you want.  The way you decide to use the Avon Cleansing Water is all a matter of preference.   Some use it as a substitute for water all together and use it purely on its own without water.   Some prefer to wash their face first with a cleanser then use the Anew Micelle Cleansing Water to remove any makeup that wasn’t entirely removed.   As mentioned there’s no need to wash it off after use but if you prefer there’s nothing wrong in doing so either.



Avon Anew Clean Revitalizing Toner

The new Avon Toner clarifies and refines the skin, improving the look of pores, leaves the skin hydrated and conditioning.  Use after cleansing and apply with a cotton pad. Can be used every day morning and night and does not need to be rinsed off.


Avon Anew Clean Makeup Wipes

And lastly,  Anew Clean Makeup Wipes are an easy way to remove makeup in one-step and handy for on the go.  They’re gentle enough to remove eye makeup and can be used in combination with the other cleansers.


As you can see this new line of Avon Anew Cleansers has you covered in the skin care cleansing department.   Not only will your skin feel fresh & clean, but if followed up with Avon’s award winning skin care regimens your skin will look better than ever.


For current sales and prices on Avon Anew Clean products you can visit my Avon Rep Site.  Avon Anew Clean is also available in mini sizes as well! These mini sizes are perfect for travel, for the gym or just to try out.


Thanks for reading Beauties!  If you have questions or would like to share your thoughts about the new Avon Anew Cleanser line feel to leave a comment below!


Buy Anew Clean the new Avon Anew Cleanser product line




The Ultimate Guide To Avon Anew Cleanser
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