Here’s your chance to try the hottest trend in skin care!
Avon Sheet Masks!


Hello Beauties!


It’s time for our next giveaway, and for this one I’m offering a chance to try Avon’s newest Skin Care Addition, Avon Sheet Masks!   

They’re brand new and just came out in the Avon Brochure for  Campaign 7.  

The sheet masks come (4) four to a pack and will go for $30 a pack in future campaigns but for this giveaway I decided to break the packs up so I could select more winners.

I’ll choose 5 random winners and each winner will receive a brightening sheet mask and a firming sheet mask.  Each mask is valued at $7.50 each.



Then in addition to the two sheet masks I’m also going to throw in a travel sized Anew Clean Cleanser valued at $5.

Because when you try out the sheet mask you’re going to have to start out with clean skin. 

Then I’m also going to throw in Day & Night Cream samples of Avon’s Newest Skin Care line, Avon NutraEffects in your choice of formula, and Day & Night Cream Samples of Avon’s Anew Anti-Aging skin care, also in your choice of formula.



And lastly winners will also get a couple of my favorite skin care samples of Anew Power Serum and Anew Hydration Mask.

Each Skin Care Sampler is valued at $22 and as mentioned I’ll be selecting 5 random winners for this giveaway.


Here’s how to get in on the Avon Sheet Masks Giveaway


First you’ll log into the giveaway widget below this page, then complete the suggested tasks to earn entries.  The more “Actions” you complete the more entries you’ll earn but you don’t have to complete all the tasks all at once.   You can do a couple now and come back later to complete more.   You’ll have plenty of time as this giveaway won’t be ending until March 22.


Now because this is a skin care giveaway I’ll be asking you to visit some of my blog pages for more info about the Sheet Masks, Avon Nutra Effects and Avon Anew Anti-Aging Regimens.  

That way if you’re one of our winners you’ll have an idea what formulas are available and which one’s you might be interested in.   So make sure to visit those pages when prompted in the giveaway and watch all the suggested videos!


And of course . . . playing along with friends is more fun so make sure to spread the word about the giveaway and you’ll get even more points!


Ok, Ready to have some fun! 

Then go ahead and enter in on the giveaway widget to get started!

Good Luck!!



No purchase necessary to enter!

Giveaway Starts Wednesday 3/8/2017 @ 5 AM and ends Wednesday 3/22/2017 at 11:59 pm (Pacific Time) . This giveaway is for US Residents only


Sheet Mask Skin Care Sampler Giveaway!


❤ Don’t Miss Out & Refer A Friend!

(the more friends enter the more chances you’ ll have to win!)


Mobile Users:  If you’re having trouble viewing the Giveaway Widget click the button below.

Are you haveing trouble pulling up the widget?  Vist this page to enterr



Don’t miss this opportunity!  This Avon Skin Care Sampler Giveaway will start at 5:00 AM,  March 8, 2017 and end at 11:59 PM, March 22 , 2017,  Pacific Time (USA).  Winners will be randomly selected .   No purchase is necessary.   Only Residents who live in the United States will be eligible for this giveaway.  Avon company employees and Avon Independent Representative will not be eligible for this giveaway (sorry).






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  1. I am always looking for new products to help me take care of my skin. I have never entered your giveaways before, I don’t think.

  2. This is my first time to enter one of your giveaways. My daughter gave me a sheet mask in my Christmas stocking – it was the first time I’ve used one. It was okay. I would like to try the ones from Avon because I think they have great products.

  3. I liked the review. I think its a good idea to give the number of masks and prices as well as what they are for so the consumer is most informed. I buy a lot of sheet masks and these would be of interest to me especially if there was a sale.

    1. Thanks Claudia,
      I try to spread out the prizes so I can have more winners. If you try Avon’s masks I would like to hear your thoughts compared to the other masks you’ve tried! I haven’t tried other masks so I don’t have anything to compare Avon’s too but I did think I saw a difference and certainly felt it!

      Good luck and thanks for entering!

  4. I am new here but glad to have found you. I really love sheet masks. Not because sheet masks are a fad but because all the masks I have used have really worked. They are easy to use and also economical for me.

  5. I would rather win some other Avon products, particularly perfume, but ANY free Avon product is a good one! I’m not a big fan of masks because my skin is SO SENSITIVE, and I have yet to find one that has not broke out my face. Maybe since Avon is such a known and trusted brand, this one will be different. I hope it is! Thank you for this generous giveaway. In the future, I’d love to see more fragrance giveaways and makeup.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Jamie I appreciate your input! In fact, in April my next giveaway will be a Fragrance Giveaway for Mom’s Day! So keep an eye out for my announcement.

      I actually gave away fragrance for Valentines Day. It was the Little Red Fragrance. Not sure if your were able to get in on that one. Because Avon offers so many products I try to alternate from skin care, makeup, fragrance jewelry etc. that way I’m able to introduce new products and offer a variety for everyone 😉

      Good Luck!

    1. Hello Carmelita!

      Thank you! I sent you and your hubby an email please check. It has the info I had mentioned when we last talked. I will follow up as well. It’s been quite hectic lately .

      Thank you for visiting! 😉

    1. Hi Jennifer!
      Avon has a broad range of customers from older to younger so it is nice. As an Avon Rep I love that I have products to share with all my customers as well as products to attract the younger generation of clients!

      Glad you like the masks! Good luck!

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