Did You Know Avon Makeup Can Save You Money? Dare to compare, you’ll be glad you did!


Avon Makeup Sales Going On Now


Before I became an Avon  Representative you could consider me a “Makeup Snob” I loved my department store brands like Lancôme, Clinique, Este Lauder & Mac. I grew up with Lancôme & Clinique and knew those brands very well; they were a household name growing up, as my Grandmother & Mother used the products religiously, so naturally I leaned towards those cosmetics too. But my mother also used Avon Makeup on occasion and my Grandmother actually sold Avon once upon a time. So I was also familiar with Avon makeup & skin care products as well.


Curious about Avon Make up?
Take a look at this video!


I started using Avon Makeup when I became an Avon Representative several years ago. I knew the Avon Company had a great reputation and basically the products sold themselves but I hadn’t used Avon Makeup for a long time and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  So the first thing I did when I signed on with Avon was order several Avon makeup products to try out and see if I could really make the switch.


I figured if I was going to sell Avon I should probably start using it too, but again I wasn’t quite sure if Avon was going to compare to the other brand favorites I had used. I was a little nervous, and while I was waiting for my order to come in I kept thinking,  “What if I don’t like Avon Makeup? How am I going to sell something I don’t care for?!”


Flash forward several years since my first Avon purchase, and I’m thrilled to say I use Avon makeup all the time! I no longer go to the department stores to purchase my makeup or skincare, nor do I miss it.


Now as with any makeup line, I did have to go through a couple of items to find one that suited me best (like the foundations), but ultimately I have been very impressed.  And now that I use Avon makeup regularly I’ve also noticed something else, I am saving lots of money!!!


With Avon Makeup not only do you get the same great quality you would expect with a higher priced brand you also save significantly, up to 50% on regularly priced items compared to higher end cosmetics, and when there’s an Avon Sale the savings are even better!


Competition Avon Savings
Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup – $24   Ideal Flawless Liqued Foundation – $12   $12 Savings  
Lancome Virtuose Mascara – $25   Super Curlacious Mascara – $9   $16 Savings  
MAC Technakohl Eye Liner – $14.50   Glimmersticks (Lip or Eye) $7   $7.50 Savings  


Check the Avon Comparison Chart here to see how much you can save! Click on the image below for a larger view


Avon Makeup Camparison Chart.

  Now you may be saying, “OK,  Avon Makeup is better priced, but how about the quality? Does it really compare to Lancôme or Clinique?”   I would have to say YES, Avon Makeup has the same quality and benefits as the leading department store brands. Year after year Avon has won prestigious awards for being a leader in Makeup and Skincare breakthroughs & technology, and loyal customers throughout the world swear by the product results. The company has been around for over 130 years so I think it’s safe to say they’re doing something right!   If you haven’t tried Avon Makeup I encourage you give it a try. With more money in your pocket you have nothing to lose. If you have tried makeup from Avon, I’d love to hear what your favorites are.




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  1. I haven’t tried Avon, but I wouldn’t be against it. I really need to find a foundation that matches my skin tone!

  2. I love Avon products and have been using them for years. One of my favorite products is the Skin So Soft bath oil.

  3. I love Avon products. My aunt used to be an Avon Representative and I would look at the catalogs and all the different products that they had. I love makeup and this giveaway would be so great. Thanks for this giveaway! I’m super excited❤

  4. I love Avon and have been a user of it for YEARS! I absolutely love their body splashes and colognes, especially Night Magic!

  5. very interesting, I didn’t realize how big of a savings you got from Avon. Just another reason to love it.

    1. Well Deborah. . . you’ve come to the right place . . . I JUST happen to BE an Avon Rep! What Luck! LOL! No really, you’re more than welcome to contact me and or shop at my eStore and if you have connected with me to get my promo offers I’ll send you Free Shipping & Discount offers so you can save on your Avon. For more info about me just visit my Home Page and of course just send me a holler if you have questions!

      Thanks for visiting!

  6. I’ve loved avon products when I have used them in the past. my skin is super sensitive and they always seem to work well without irritating. I often forget about their products because they aren’t as advertised, but i need to remember them since i know they are great quality and also i love saving money

    1. Hi Shannon,

      I hear that often from my customers and many of my fellow reps have as well as myself have asked Avon to step up the advertising. Well Avon listened and started airing commercials recently during daytime TV.

      Thanks for leaving your comment 🙂

  7. I have used Avon makeup before because my mother bought me some and I am entering the giveaway so I hope I win because honestly, Avon is my favorite makeup brand.

  8. I love Avon. I just got away from using it when the girl I knew quit selling it. Glad I found you! Thanks!

  9. I have not used Avon in many years. Since seeing this article and the money I could save I need to give Avon another try! I had no idea!

  10. I have not tried Avon in years. I just don’t know what colors go good on me. So I hate to order and not like or look nice in what I get.

  11. I just found your youtube channel and have actually never tried Avon before but I’ve always been intrigued! I’ve head many of my friends rave about some of their products. So, I’ll definitely have my fingers crossed when entering your giveaway! 🙂

  12. I love getting products from Avon! The newest product I’ve just recieved (and love) is the Avon setting spray:)

  13. I love Avon!! I grew up on Avon products, my great aunt sold (still sells in Puerto Rico) Avon products. My mother in-law used to sell Avon products. I use their products religiously, but I’m dangerously low on supply and I moved to a new state and don’t know many people let alone someone who sells Avon, So I will be barefaced for a long time!

    1. Thanks for sharing Jenny! Avon does have great products. If you need help getting some color just send me a holler 😉 I’m only a click away and thru my Rep eStore your Avon will get shipped directly to you! No need for a local Avon Rep anymore!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Hey Dianne Thanks for giving us another chance to win amazing products in this giveaway. Have a blessed day!

  15. I have always found a way to get my hands on Avon’s Skin so Soft, and it is a staple in my beauty regimen. I have yet to try any of their makeup, but I hope to try so one day! I did borrow my sister’s Avon Lipstick, and I loved how smooth it was and how long the color lasted!

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