Avon Foot Works : Dual-Action Pedi Peel

Avon Footworks Dual Action Pedi Peel Avon Foot Works : Dual-Action Pedi Peel
Summer is just around the corner! Are your feet ready to be exposed?
The other day I saw some little sandals that were so cute, I just had to buy them but I haven’t worn then yet because after wearing tennis shoes and boots all winter, well let’s just say my feet weren’t in their best twinkle toe shape.With winters cold dry weather my feet got pretty dry. You know what I’m talking about – that dry yucky feeling – your heels get rough and cracked.
Well Avon’s has a cure for dry rough feet from their popular Footworks line.  It’s called the Dual Action Pedi Peel.  I saw it in their brochure and I thought that’s exactly what I need.
I have tried lots of products for my feet but nothing seems to get them very soft for long but the Pedi Peel was on sale so I thought ok, I’ll give it a try.  The Pedi Peel comes in a little jar with moist pads. It smells pretty good to.


SandalsFoot Works Pedi Peel Instructions

How to use:  The Pedi Peel instructions say to use one pad every night for 10 days and only on the dry rough parts. So don’t put it all over your feet just on the areas that are really dry or cracked, or else they will start to flake.

So I followed the directions not expecting to much, but I am really pleased how my feet look. After 2 days my heels began to feel softer and the cracks weren’t as deep!  After a week my feet felt significantly softer and the cracks are almost gone.

I highly recommend the Pedi Peel. On the Beauty 2 Makeup Scale I rate this 5 stars!  At $7 bucks it’s a great value and you will see quick results!


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