My Valentines Day Gift To You

Hello Beauties!

I hope today treats you well and your day is filled with love and many blessings    Today is for you! So go ahead , treat and cherish yourself today! You deserve it!

Speaking of love, I just discovered an amazing Valentine's Day Offer and of course I couldn't wait to share the Avon love with you! 

Avon Valentines Day

This offer is through a free 3rd party shopping site that offers rebates for shopping Avon and other online retailers! 

I've been using the site for a couple of months now and they just sent me my first rebate check, over $150!!

It's amazing to say the least and all I had to do was visit their site first before I shopped any of their partner retailers. Avon is one of their sites!

You may have heard of them, the website is eBates.com and it's totally a legit site!

Today eBates is offering 14% Cash Back over at AVON!

Avon eBates Cash Back!

Here's how it works! Just follow these easy steps.

  • 1.  First visit my Avon online store and log in or create an account if you don't have one already. Use this link This will ensure you'll be directed to my online store to shop with me as your Avon Rep.
  • 2​. Then create your free eBates account just click here to visit the eBates website. 
  • 3.  Type in AVON into the eBates Search bar to find the Avon page once you create your eBates account.

Avon eBates Cash Back!
  • 4.  Click the Shop Now button. Since you already logged in earlier it will take you directly to my Avon eStore where you can shop as usual and save even more on all the great Avon specials found throughout the site! Here are just a few offers going on now:

A Couple Of Things To Keep In Mind.

  • Your rebate will take a few days to appear in your eBates account. If items are returned it may disqualify your rebate.
  • Your rebate check will take some time to be sent out so this isn't an immediate cash back. But you'll earn extra cash that you wouldn't otherwise so it's still a great deal!
  • This is a third party site. Avon has partnered with eBates but for any questions about your rebate you must contact eBates directly.  They offer great customer service and from here on out as long as you click the Shop Avon button over at their site you'll earn a rebate every time you shop.
  • Rebate amounts vary from day to day. Today's rebate at 14% doesn't come often so it's a great time to give it try!

Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

If you have questions or need help placing your online order just give me a holler!

​You’re Independent Avon Representative,

Dianne Hernandez - Ind. Avon Representative 

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