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Avon Anew Genics Treatment Cream made its debut in the Campaign 21 Avon Catalog in 2011 with much success. And NOW  Avon has added to the Genics family with Anew Genics Eye Treatment and Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate. It looks like Avon hit the target once again.

If you haven’t heard the news,  Anew Genics is the latest addition to Avon’s popular Anew anti-aging regimens but unlike the other Anew products that are each specifically designed for individuals in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, Anew Genics is made for individuals of all age groups who want younger looking skin and looking to  improve wrinkles, discoloration, and firmness.

Now as you may know Avon has a dozen anti-aging creams all designed to perform wonders on our  skin.  I use them and have had great results, but Anew Genics is different and can’t be categorized as just another anti-aging treatment from Avon.   This little jar of miracles goes beyond treating just the skins surface it goes deep into the skin cells with a patented Youth Gene technology to stimulate Youth Gene activity.

The Youth Gene, discovered by researchers in Italy found that everyone has a Youth Gene yet some people who live longer and healthier past 100 years tend to have a more active Youth Gene. This study inspired the Anew Scientists over at Avon and so by building upon the Youth Gene discovery found that by stimulating the Youth Gene in skin cells resulted in a boost of collagen, hyaluronic acid. This is huge in the Skincare industry and Avon is the first to discover such technology!


Avon Anew Special Offers


Anew Genics Treatment  Facts:

BulletAnew Genics  is the ONE anti-aging treatment that everyone should use.

bulletAnew Genics Treatment Cream Instantly Restores skins vitality & youthful appearance.

bulletSkin will look healthier, radiant and more alive Overnight.

bulletSkins texture will feel smoother in 3 Days.

bulletIn 4 Weeks you will see Improvement in discoloration by up to 100%. Dramatically reduces the look of wrinkles.

BulletThe Genics Treatment Cream is a  textured cream that will  leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

BulletGenics is non-greasy, absorbs quickly and can be used by people with oily skin types

BulletGenics has not been tested with people who suffer from acne. Avon recommends testing the product sparingly first to see it there is a reaction.

bulletGenics is designed to work with any Anew Regimen or other skincare line.

bulletGenics is formulated with a patented YouthGen Technology discovered by Avon Anew Scientists.

bullet The Genics Skincare regimen  includes a Night-time Treatment Cream and an AM/ PM Eye Treatment.

bulletAvon Anew Genics is sold exclusively by Avon.




Avon Anew Genics is Sold Exclusively From Avon and can be purchased now at my Avon Representative Website! Click the image above to be taken to the Genics product page at Avon .com


How to Use Avon Anew Genics Anti-Aging Treatment Cream

Genics Treatment Cream can be used in combination with any Avon Anew Regimen. It replaces your current nighttime moisturizer and is used at night. The moisturizing qualities in Genics is comparable to Anew night creams so it can be used instead of your Anew nightly moisturizer.  When used nightly, Anew Genics Treatment Cream can dramatically reduce the appearance of discolorations, age spots and wrinkles, while visibly improving  skins firmness. Anew Genics Treatment Cream can be applied to the undereye area and crow’s feet but you should avoid the eyelid

Your current Anew Regimen or other  skincare regimen can be used with Genics as follows:

  • Anew Cleanser morning & night
  • Moisturize twice a day:  Use Anew Day Cream with SPF for the Day & Anew Genics Night Cream at night (no other Anew night time moisturizer is needed)
  • Anew Eye Cream Am / Pm or Anew Genics Eye Treatment Am / Pm

Anew Genics can be partnered up with any of Avon’s Anew products except the Anew Night Creams and Emulsions as Genics replaces those items. If you use Avon’s Clinical line Genics Treatment Cream would follow your Clinical product.  The general rule of thumb is to apply product from lightest texture to thickest texture. Here are two examples:

A Complete Genics Regimen

Since the successful release of Genics Treatment Cream, Avon has introduced other Genics products into the Anew family for a full  anti-aging regimen


Anew Genics Eye Cream

Anew Genics Eye CreamNow eyes can look up to 10 years younger too!

Did you know the eye area is one of the first areas to show signs of aging? If you’ve noticed your eyes aren’t looking as fresh as they used to then Anew Genics Eye Cream may be the solution for you. With the same Youth Gene technology as Genics Night Treatment your eyes can look brighter, smoother and re-energized instantly. In 3 days you’ll notice a youthful brilliance in the eye area and in 4 weeks you’ll notice an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and wrinkles in the under-eye area up to 50%

How to Use Anew Genics Eye Cream

  • Using your index finger, gently pat the cream under the eye area until it is fully absorbed.
  • Continue over the top of the lid and along the brow bone.
  • Avoid getting it into the eyes.
  • Use in the morning and night.  No other Anew eye cream is needed.

Regimen Example:

  • Wash face with any Anew Cleanser
  • Moisturize with Anew Day Cream in the AM and  Anew Night Cream  or Genics Night Treatment in the PM
  • Use Anew Genics Eye Cream in the AM & PM.

*Genics Eye Cream replaces any other eye cream you have used prior

Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate (Serum)

Anew Genics ConcentrateAre you looking for faster anti-aging results?

Then you may want to try the latest Anew Genics breakthrough. Just released in July 2012,  Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate has twice the YouthGen™ Technology plus a 165% moisture boost.

Genics Concentrate Treatment targets common skin concerns such as: wrinkles, discolorations, age spots and loss of firmness. It’s light weight and can be used in combination with other Anew products in the AM & PM.  See Results instantly!

INSTANTLY  You’ll Notice:  Skin looks and feels firmer,  boosts skin’s moisture by up to 165%,  and see expression lines softened.   IN 2 WEEKS:  Plumps the look of wrinkles, dramatically reduces the appearance of discolorations.  IN 8 WEEKS:  Look up to 10 years younger

HOW TO USE Genics Treatment Concentrate:

Anew Genics Concentrate can be partnered with other Anew Products for best results.  Genics can be used with other Anew products both morning and night, after cleansing.

A.M. / P.M. Apply after Cleansing with any Anew Cleanser and follow with any Anew Day Cream in the morning and Genics Night Treatment in the evening..

Morning Regimen Example:

  • Cleanse with Anew Cleanser
  • Apply Anew Genics Concentrate
  • Apply Anew Day Cream
  • Apply Anew Genics Eye Cream

Evening Regimen Example:

  • Cleanse with Anew Cleanser
  • Apply Anew Genics Concentrate
  • Apply Anew Genics Treatment
  • Apply Anew Genics Eye Cream

Okay, so have you heard enough? Are you ready to start looking younger?



UPDATE!   Anew Genics is no longer available and has been discontinued


I know!  I was so disappointed to, but since then I’ve found a great alternative in  the Avon Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance!  You can get more info about this regimen as well as other over at my Beuaty2Makeup post the Ultimate Guide to Avon Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimens


I’ve been an Independent Avon eRepresentative since 2010. I specialize in Avon Online sales through my Avon Representative website. You can also view the Avon Book here!

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