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Avon Anew Genics Treatment Regimens
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Avon Anew Genics Treatment Cream made its debut in the Campaign 21 Avon Catalog in 2011 with much success. And NOW  Avon has added to the Genics family with Anew Genics Eye Treatment and Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate. It looks like Avon hit the target once again.

If you haven’t heard the news,  Anew Genics is the latest addition to Avon’s popular Anew anti-aging regimens but unlike the other Anew products that are each specifically designed for individuals in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, Anew Genics is made for individuals of all age groups who want younger looking skin and looking to  improve wrinkles, discoloration, and firmness.

Now as you may know Avon has a dozen anti-aging creams all designed to perform wonders on our  skin.  I use them and have had great results, but Anew Genics is different and can’t be categorized as just another anti-aging treatment from Avon.   This little jar of miracles goes beyond treating just the skins surface it goes deep into the skin cells with a patented Youth Gene technology to stimulate Youth Gene activity.

The Youth Gene, discovered by researchers in Italy found that everyone has a Youth Gene yet some people who live longer and healthier past 100 years tend to have a more active Youth Gene. This study inspired the Anew Scientists over at Avon and so by building upon the Youth Gene discovery found that by stimulating the Youth Gene in skin cells resulted in a boost of collagen, hyaluronic acid. This is huge in the Skincare industry and Avon is the first to discover such technology!


Avon Anew Special Offers


Anew Genics Treatment  Facts:

BulletAnew Genics  is the ONE anti-aging treatment that everyone should use.

bulletAnew Genics Treatment Cream Instantly Restores skins vitality & youthful appearance.

bulletSkin will look healthier, radiant and more alive Overnight.

bulletSkins texture will feel smoother in 3 Days.

bulletIn 4 Weeks you will see Improvement in discoloration by up to 100%. Dramatically reduces the look of wrinkles.

BulletThe Genics Treatment Cream is a  textured cream that will  leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

BulletGenics is non-greasy, absorbs quickly and can be used by people with oily skin types

BulletGenics has not been tested with people who suffer from acne. Avon recommends testing the product sparingly first to see it there is a reaction.

bulletGenics is designed to work with any Anew Regimen or other skincare line.

bulletGenics is formulated with a patented YouthGen Technology discovered by Avon Anew Scientists.

bullet The Genics Skincare regimen  includes a Night-time Treatment Cream and an AM/ PM Eye Treatment.

bulletAvon Anew Genics is sold exclusively by Avon.



Avon Anew Genics is Sold Exclusively From Avon and can be purchased now at my Avon Representative Website! Click the image above to be taken to the Genics product page at Avon .com


How to Use Avon Anew Genics Anti-Aging Treatment Cream

Genics Treatment Cream can be used in combination with any Avon Anew Regimen. It replaces your current nighttime moisturizer and is used at night. The moisturizing qualities in Genics is comparable to Anew night creams so it can be used instead of your Anew nightly moisturizer.  When used nightly, Anew Genics Treatment Cream can dramatically reduce the appearance of discolorations, age spots and wrinkles, while visibly improving  skins firmness. Anew Genics Treatment Cream can be applied to the undereye area and crow’s feet but you should avoid the eyelid

Your current Anew Regimen or other  skincare regimen can be used with Genics as follows:

  • Anew Cleanser morning & night
  • Moisturize twice a day:  Use Anew Day Cream with SPF for the Day & Anew Genics Night Cream at night (no other Anew night time moisturizer is needed)
  • Anew Eye Cream Am / Pm or Anew Genics Eye Treatment Am / Pm

Anew Genics can be partnered up with any of Avon’s Anew products except the Anew Night Creams and Emulsions as Genics replaces those items. If you use Avon’s Clinical line Genics Treatment Cream would follow your Clinical product.  The general rule of thumb is to apply product from lightest texture to thickest texture. Here are two examples:

A Complete Genics Regimen

Since the successful release of Genics Treatment Cream, Avon has introduced other Genics products into the Anew family for a full  anti-aging regimen


Anew Genics Eye Cream

Anew Genics Eye CreamNow eyes can look up to 10 years younger too!

Did you know the eye area is one of the first areas to show signs of aging? If you’ve noticed your eyes aren’t looking as fresh as they used to then Anew Genics Eye Cream may be the solution for you. With the same Youth Gene technology as Genics Night Treatment your eyes can look brighter, smoother and re-energized instantly. In 3 days you’ll notice a youthful brilliance in the eye area and in 4 weeks you’ll notice an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and wrinkles in the under-eye area up to 50%

How to Use Anew Genics Eye Cream

  • Using your index finger, gently pat the cream under the eye area until it is fully absorbed.
  • Continue over the top of the lid and along the brow bone.
  • Avoid getting it into the eyes.
  • Use in the morning and night.  No other Anew eye cream is needed.

Regimen Example:

  • Wash face with any Anew Cleanser
  • Moisturize with Anew Day Cream in the AM and  Anew Night Cream  or Genics Night Treatment in the PM
  • Use Anew Genics Eye Cream in the AM & PM.

*Genics Eye Cream replaces any other eye cream you have used prior

Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate (Serum)

Anew Genics ConcentrateAre you looking for faster anti-aging results?

Then you may want to try the latest Anew Genics breakthrough. Just released in July 2012,  Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate has twice the YouthGen™ Technology plus a 165% moisture boost.

Genics Concentrate Treatment targets common skin concerns such as: wrinkles, discolorations, age spots and loss of firmness. It’s light weight and can be used in combination with other Anew products in the AM & PM.  See Results instantly!

INSTANTLY  You’ll Notice:  Skin looks and feels firmer,  boosts skin’s moisture by up to 165%,  and see expression lines softened.   IN 2 WEEKS:  Plumps the look of wrinkles, dramatically reduces the appearance of discolorations.  IN 8 WEEKS:  Look up to 10 years younger

HOW TO USE Genics Treatment Concentrate:

Anew Genics Concentrate can be partnered with other Anew Products for best results.  Genics can be used with other Anew products both morning and night, after cleansing.

A.M. / P.M. Apply after Cleansing with any Anew Cleanser and follow with any Anew Day Cream in the morning and Genics Night Treatment in the evening..

Morning Regimen Example:

  • Cleanse with Anew Cleanser
  • Apply Anew Genics Concentrate
  • Apply Anew Day Cream
  • Apply Anew Genics Eye Cream

Evening Regimen Example:

  • Cleanse with Anew Cleanser
  • Apply Anew Genics Concentrate
  • Apply Anew Genics Treatment
  • Apply Anew Genics Eye Cream

Okay, so have you heard enough? Are you ready to start looking younger?



UPDATE!   Anew Genics is no longer available and has been discontinued


I know!  I was so disappointed to, but since then I’ve found a great alternative in  the Avon Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance!  You can get more info about this regimen as well as other over at my Beuaty2Makeup post the Ultimate Guide to Avon Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimens



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  1. Hi there, i just ordered the genics eye cream, i. Comes in a tube here in mexico, i got it on sale. Im thinking about getting the genics serum an. Genics night cream, they also sell a genics daycream with spf… My question is if its not a harsh product, the serum… Can it be used daily? Im 38 and barely have fine lines, but i would like to even out my skin, thanks

    1. Hi Eva,

      Good question! I’m sure others may be wondering this as well. Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate and Genics Eye Treatment can be used everyday, AM & PM. You should apply it after cleansing and before you apply your AM or PM Moisturizers. Anew Genics Night Treatment can be used nightly and would be used instead of any night moisturizer cream. Genics Night Treatment Cream should be applied after the Genics Treatment Concentrate.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. M 27,after pregnancy my skin has lost its glow n of lately m experiencing fine lines n wrinkles..can I use ANEW genics concentrate at my age???

  3. I am 47 yrs old and I just started using Anew product for my face. Since dec 2013, started using the reversalist day & night cream . Last month I tried using the Anew Genetics Gen protect SPF15 treatment in the morning and stop my reversalist day cream? May I know if I get right product for my age?

    Please advise me proper usage of this cream…

    1. Hi Que Ann,

      Anew Regimens are recommended for the following age groups:

      Anew REJUVENATE for women in their 30’s
      Anew REVERSALIST for women in their 40’s
      Anew ULTIMATE for women in their 50’s
      Anew PLATINUM for women in their 60’s, 70 and up.

      Anew Genics is designed for all age groups and can be combined with any of the mentioned Anew Regimens above.

      Hope this helps you out Que Ann 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!


  4. Hi there just wondering what the difference is between the genics treatment concentrate and the genics genessential spf15 treatment.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Rhian,

      I wondered that myself as I’m sure others do too. There are two main differences first you can use the Genics Treatment Concentrate as part of your day regimen as well as your night regiment. It’s has twice the amount of the Youth Gene complex and it adds 65% more moisture. The concentrate can be used together with your day & night creams as well as with the Genics night cream as a booster for better results. It’s also lightweight and perfect for summer by itself though it doesn’t have a SPF so if your in the sun take that into consideration.

      The Genics Night Treatment Cream is used only at night, it’s a much thicker cream and is used in lieu of other night creams. Using both the Genics Night Treatment & Genics Treatment Concentrate work great together. I use both regularly. When Avon first introduced the treatment I thought it might be an overkill but I ordered it anyways. It does add more moisture to my skin and I noticed a big difference when I stopped using it. Skin didn’t look as good. So basically if you feel your skin could use that added boost then you might want to give the treatment a try. I do suggest trying out the Genics Night Treatment first though, as that may be all you need to see a real noticeable difference.

      Let me know how it works for you if decide to give a try! I love to hear what others think the pros and the cons.

      Thanks for stopping by,


    1. Hi Alisson!

      Your gonna love this one….In March Avon will be introducing their newest addition to the Anew Clinical line designed specifically for lifting and firming the skin! It’s Anew Clinical Infinite Lift Targeted Contouring Serum. It’s a concentrated formula designed to lift, contour and firm sagging skin. The product was just recently announced to Avon Reps a couple days ago. I can’t wait to try it. I believe it will make it’s premier in Campaign 7 which comes out March 18th, 2014. I’ll make a note to notify if you then.

      Now if you don’t want to wait till then Avon has another product that’s very popular. It’s been around for awhile and though I haven’t used it myself I do have customers who swear by it. It’s the ANEW CLINICAL Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream if you click on the link you can read the customer reviews found on the product page.

      Take care and I’ll shoot you an email when the new treatment comes out!

  5. can i apply the Genic eye cream if i already apply the Genic Treatment cream under my eye? is the Genic Treatment Cream use as night cream only? can it be use as day cream? can u tell me the correct way to apply sun block? should i apply at the last stage or after the toner? looking forward for your early reply.

    1. Hi Alice,

      Good question, according to Avon’s Product Specialist both creams can be used on the eye area. Apply ANEW GENICS Eye Treatment to the upper and lower area of your eyes first. Let it absorb then you can apply the ANEW GENICS Night Treatment Cream all over your face and lower eye avoiding your eye lids. Anew Genics Night Treatment should be used in the evening only. The GENICS Eye Treatment can be used both AM & PM.

      In regards to your question about sunblock should be applied after cleansing with Anew Cleanser and before your Anew Day Cream.
      So it should go:

      1) Cleanse with Anew Cleanser
      2) Apply Sunblock
      3) Moisturize with Anew Day Cream

      Hope this helped. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask.

      Thanks for visiting 🙂


  6. Hello there! I just would like to ask about how to use Anew Genics Treatment Cream. I haven’t used any skin care regimen products before but now I decided to start using one and bought myself the said treatment cream. TO USE: Once daily every evening… If tingling occurs, wait 15 minutes after cleansing. It was said that tingling sensation is normal. My question is when can I leave the treatment cream on? I mean, overnight on my face, just like other moisturizers. Or do I really have to wash, 15 minutes after application? I am just confused but excited to try it on and see good results. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Len,

      Yes, you can use Genics Night Treatment as you would any other Anew Moisturizer. But for best results you should follow the regimen steps by first cleansing with an Anew Cleanser then applying the Anew Genics afterwards. If you don’t feel any sensitivity then it’s fine to apply it immediately after you wash and dry your face. No need to wait 15 minutes. Then finish off with your Genics Eye Cream or any other Anew Eye treatment.

      I hope you like the Genics, I use it every night and have seen some great results!

      Take care and thanks for stopping by.


  7. I’ve been using Avon for a while and bought the derma fill serum as well as the Anew Genics. Can I use both products as they are both supposed to be used in the evening? Or would that be too harsh on my dry skin? Thanks, Kiki

    1. Hi Kiki,

      Here is a tip when it comes to using Anew Genics or any other Avon skincare product. The general rule of thumb is to apply product from lightest texture to thickest texture. So when using Avon’s Clinical line, usually the Genics Treatment Cream would follow your Clinical product but if the Clinical product is thicker than the Genics then go ahead and apply that first. As far as both products being to harsh on your skin only you will be able to tell. If you do notice that using both products at the same time is leaving your skin sensitive you can always alternate creams every other night.

      Also, I belive Avon is discontinuing the Anew Clinical Derma-Full product but at this time they haven’t suggested an alternative to use in it’s replacement. Just thought I’d let you know in case you were planning on re-ordering. But the good news is Genics is here to stay 🙂

      Hope this helps and thanks for the great question


    1. Hi Joan,

      Anew Genics Treatment Cream can be applied to the under-eye area and crow’s feet but you should avoid the eyelid. Just recently Avon introduced a full Genics Eye Treatment that can be applied to the whole eye area. It can be used both day and night and can be used to replace any Anew Regimen Eye Creams. I’ve been using the both the Genics Night Cream and the Genics Eye Cream and have been very pleased with the results.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  8. This stuff is the best! I am 50 and I look like I’m either late 30’s early 40’s. I can’t believe how smooth my skin is! I follow a strict
    skin care regimen. I also use the ANEW skin brightner. Love this stuff!

    1. Hi Sandra,

      I understand your question. All the information I have about Anew Genics emphasizes most on the texture and clarity of the skin (more even tone, less wrinkles) but they don’t seem to say much about improving the firmness. There is one little mention of firmness improvement on the video found on this page but that’s about it. My suggestion to you would be go ahead and try it. You have nothing to lose. Your skin will look noticeably younger but if you don’t see improvement in the firmness Avon has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. So if you choose to return your Anew Genics after a couple weeks of use just call 1-800-500-AVON (1-800-500-2866) Sunday – Saturday, 7 a.m. – midnight Eastern standard time and a Customer Service Specialist will be happy to assist you for a full refund.

      Hope Anew Genics works for you!

  9. Is it just me or is the name anew genics a bit of an unfortunate name choice. I can’t help but think of eugenics… Not a great association to make.

    1. Hi Jane 🙂

      Wow! I never made that association. In fact I really wasn’t sure what eugenics meant so I had to look it up. Still, the Genics name reminds me of genetics, gene (youth gene). But that’s me. Would any other Beauty2Makeup Beauties care to indulge? What does the Avon name “Genics” remind or mean to you?

  10. Just wanted to say Thanks! I ordered my Genics about 2 weeks ago, have been using it for a week and I already see major results! OMG! This is a great cream!

  11. I have looked everywhere for the breakdown of ingredients in this cream and can find nothing. Does it have aluminium? Does it have mineral oil? I need more info before I buy this.

    1. Hi Eve

      You can find all Avon product ingredients on the product page under the ingredients tab on the Avon website.

      As per Avon under the ingredients tab, the following Genics ingredients are: (hope this helps you out)


      PEG-100 STEARATE
      YELLOW 5/CI 19140

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