What is the Shelf Life of Avon Products?

Avon Product Epiration Dates


“I Have Day Cream Older Than You!”

A couple weeks back at a special Avon event in my area,  I met a dear lady who had been selling Avon for over 50 years! What an incredible accomplishment, she’s been selling Avon longer than I’ve been alive!  In fact, she made us all laugh when she boasted that she had Avon products that were older than all of us at that dinner!  We all had a laugh, but really? It’s hard to believe, did she really have products over 40 years old? Have they ever been opened? And most importantly after all those years are they still good?

Putting all fun aside this is a really good question, how long do Avon Products last?  Many of our Beauty2Makeup readers have been asking the very same thing, they’ve been inquiring about the longevity of Avon Products as well as how to find out when their products expire.   Unfortunately, I didn’t have the answer then but now I finally have it! After months of looking into this I finally have the answers you’ve all been waiting for! 

It took some doing but after some research I was able to get a response from an Avon Product Specialist who was able to give me the inside scoop about how long you can expect your Avon products to last and how to find the expiration date on a product.

Below you will find all the info I was given. Keep in mind this is only a generalized recommendation. If  you have a product that has major discoloration or odor I always say “If in doubt, throw it out!”  Most of us have a pretty good idea when we purchase our products and if you can’t remember then maybe it’s been longer than the recommended use time.  To make it easier to read I put the information in Question / Answer format.  Hope this helps you all out who have been inquiring!


 How Long Do Avon Products Last?

When stored properly, most Avon products have a typical shelf life of approximately 3 years.  Avon products undergo extensive testing to ensure freshness during storage, shipment and use by the consumer. Naturally, shelf life can vary depending on storage conditions (e.g, temperature, humidity) and use. So, it’s best to store products in a cool, dry area.


Are Products that are unopened last longer than opened products?

According to the Avon Product Specialist, it seems regardless whether a product is opened or unopened the effectiveness and shelf life is still two to three years.


How Can I Find the Expiration Date on my Avon Product?

The packaging for each Avon skin care, personal care, cosmetic and fragrance product includes a code to indicate the exact manufacturing date. This information varies depending on where the product is manufactured. To determine the exact date of manufacture, you can ask an Avon Product Specialist.  Just call this number 1-800-445-2866 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM (EST) and have your the code located on your product available.


Should I be aware of any products that do not fall into the 3 year rule?

Yes, as mentioned above most Avon products will last up to 3 years whether it’s opened or not opened granted it is stored in a cool dry place. But there are some exceptions as shown below:


 Skin Care Expiration Dates 


Avon Banishing Cream


Banishing Cream: 

18 months from the manufacture date

Avon Moisture Therapy Lip Treatment


Moisture Therapy Moisturizing Lip Treatment SPF 15:

2 years from the manufacture date

Avon Moisture Therapy Products


Moisture Therapy products:

2 years from the manufacture date


 Avon Fragrance Expiration Dates


Avon Fragrance


Avon Bottled fragrances:

2 years from the manufacture date

Fragrance Samples


Fragrance Samples:

1 year from the manufacture date

 Avon Personal Care Expiration Dates


Avon Bug Guard Products


Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus Lotions:
18 months from the manufacture date

Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus Pump Sprays:
3 years from the manufacture date

Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus Expedition aerosol:
2 years from the manufacture date

Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus Towelettes:
3 years from the manufacture date


Avon Sunless Tan


 Sunless tanning products:

18 months from the manufacture date. Best used within 6 months after opening

Avon Bar Soaps


Avon Bar Soaps:

2 years from the manufacture date. Best used within 1 year after opening

 Avon Cosmetics Expiration Dates 


Avon Nail Polish


Nail enamels:

1 year from the manufacture date (unopened). Best used within 1 year after opening

Fetl Tip Eyeliner Pens


Felt Tip Eyeliner Pens:

1 year from the manufacture date (unopened). Best used within 1 year after opening.

Avon Mascara


Avon Mascara:

We suggest using immediately after purchasing. Once opened, mascara should be replaced every 3 months. 

I hope this was helpful and worth the wait.  As mentioned earlier,  use common sense and if the product just doesn’t look or smell the way it should toss it out.  And if you have any questions about the integrity of the product you can also call Avon directly at the above number mentioned (800) 445-2866 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM (EST)

I’ve been an Independent Avon eRepresentative for over 5 years. I specialize in online sales through my Avon Representative website. You can read more about me here..
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22 comments to What is the Shelf Life of Avon Products?

  • Nancy

    Hi there, I had purchased a shower gel sometime back (don’t remember the year though). When I checked the expiry date, could not find it. Instead I found two codes Z080111 & 08153. Please help. If you have a contact no. for U.A.E. customers to check the expiry, please share it.

    Thanks & regards,

  • Becky

    Bug spray expedition says exp2014/04.is this the actually expired date or the manufactured date.

    • Hi Becky,

      I’m assuming since it has exp by the date it would be the expiration date. You’re welcome to call Avon’s Product Specialist at (800) 445-2866 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM (EST) if you want to know for sure that it is the expire date.

      Thanks for visiting :-)


  • Eratw Andreou

    I had bought the product ‘solutions body Cellu-Sculpt’. The code of this item is 143-26-01U . Can you tell me please when this item expire?

    Thank you

    • Hi Eratw,

      For expiration information you’ll need to contact Avon and give them the code you mentioned. They will look up the code and will be able to give you the expiration date from there. The number is (800) 445-2866 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM (EST). Please keep in mind, the phone number above is a US phone number.

      Thanks for visiting.

  • Hi!, need some help on a Avon Imari Seduction Manufacturing code on the bottom of my bottle which should tell me a date it’s was produced or even a expiry date, CHQ11 please can you help?. Thanks!

    • Hi “Scottish Chic”

      On most Avon items the expiration date usually isn’t printed on the label or item itself but there will be a manufacturing code. If you call this number (800) 445-2866 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM (EST) and give them the mfg. code the Avon Product Specialist should be able to get the expiration date for you.

      Please keep in mind, the phone number above is a US phone number. As I noticed you are in the UK the mfg.codes may be different than in the United States but it’s a worth a try.

      Good Luck & Thanks for Visiting.


  • Judith A Smith

    Dianne, I appreciate your research and information. Thanks much.

  • Rachel

    Hello Dianne,
    Thanks for your reply it came right on time. Glad to know that I can still use them. You are doing a great job there. Remain blessed

  • rachel

    Hello Dianne. You are doing a job here. Based on quest for answers i found you here. I love what you are doing and found everything helpful. I live in Nigeria. Got a great Christmas gift pack from a friend 2years ago (avon skin care), she found out that I really love to pamper my skin a lot, we got talking and i told her how i missed my avon skin products… She confirmed avon had been her choice too and still remain what she uses. She then gave me the Avon goodies as Christmas gift. Amongst all was 12 cups of Perfumed Skin Softener,of which i have 5 cups left to be used. I even shared out some of those products with family and friends because they were much for me to just keep out of greed, yet, i still have the shimmering body powder 2 jar, and perfumed skin softener 5 cups. Please, I’ll like to know if they are ok for me to continue with the usage? They look good and smells ok. For example, one of cups carries a barcode 94000 44374 5 with a stamped code (L)MIK91. Can i still use them? My friend said she had them with her in her shop for a year plus before bringing them to me in Nigeria. Earnestly waiting for your reply thank you. -Rachel

    • Hi Rachel,

      I’m so sorry for the delayed reply I’m just barely catching up to my blog comments. I appreciate your question and your patience. If I understand correctly the powder and skin softener you received was about 2 years ago? I would say the standard expiry date would be about 3 years from manufacturing, so if the products you have still smell good and there is no discoloration then you should still have about another year before the integrity of the product begins to diminish.

      Thanks for visiting Rachel :-)


  • Can you pleae let me know if Avon products are free of
    carcingens – iE cancer causing agents
    other products have lots carcingens aluminium & others

  • Mary Watson

    I just won a beautiful gift basket from my Avon Rep. Upon bringing the basket home to check out all the goodies, I noticed that the Anew Rejuvenate day cream expired 2/2013. I read your comments about the 3yr shelf life, but how do I know if this applies before or after the expiration date?

    • Beauty2Makeup

      Hi Mary,

      Congratulations on winning your prize! How fun! As far as the product in question, I am under the impression the 3 year period is based after the manufacturing date and the expiration date is just that the expiration date.

      Your welcome to cal Avon Product number to verify exactly when your product expired. Here is the number: (800) 445-2866 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM (EST).

      Thanks for visiting :-)


  • Bukkie

    I purchased some Avon products and found a few of the creams “looking sorta funny” (this could just be my mind). when I checked for the expiration dates (they all had codes that looked like dates to me), I found codes like Z210713, Z041013,etc.
    is this the expiration date or just codes ?
    thank you.

    • Beauty2Makeup

      Hi Bukkie,

      I called Avon’s Product Specialist and gave them your codes mentioned but was told there should be another code that tracks the expiration date so I wasn’t able to get the date for you. I was hoping I could give you the expiration dates directly but it’s probably better you give Avon a call with the product on hand so the specialist can direct you where to find the code so he can pull up the expiration date for you.

      Call this number to get product expiration dates(800) 445-2866 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM (EST).

      Sorry, I wasn’t able to help directly but by calling the above number you should be able to get the info you need.

      Thanks for you question and for stopping by :-)


  • Sandy

    Thanks for looking into this. It was very helpful! Love your blog I come here often to see what’s going on at Avon.

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