Avon Catalog Campaign 8 ( March 2015)

Take A Look At The Latest Avon Catalog

Play the Video Below to View Campaign 8 Catalog Highlights!

  The Campaign 8 Avon Catalog will be available March 18 – 31, 2015


View the Campaign 8 Avon Catalog Here!  


 As your “Virtual Representative” I may not be able to make personal house calls but I do try my best to keep you in the loop about the latest and greatest deals found in the Avon Brochure!

With the start of each new campaign I’ll be showcasing the best sales & deals found in each new Avon Catalog as well as my personal favorites. So don’t forget to check this page often as it will change every two weeks with each new campaign.


Here’s What’s Going On In The Latest Avon Catalog

In the Campaign 8 Avon Catalog, you can stock up on all your favorite Avon lipsticks with a great 5 for $20 offer. You’ll save on great deals in fragrance, skin care, and bath & body. The current Avon Catalog is also packed with new spring items! So come and take a look before these sales end!


 To View Avon Campaign 8 Sales   < CLICK HERE >.

* Avon Catalog Sales for Campaign 8 will be available now through March 31, 2015


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Things You Should Know about the Avon Catalog
and Shopping Avon Online

You may be used to having a Traditional Avon Representative but if you give it a chance there are real benefits of buying Avon online.  Here are just a few:

What are the benefits of  shopping online with an Avon eRepresentative?

 Person Reading the Avon BrochureYou always have access to the most current Avon Brochure 24/7 .  No more waiting for your Avon Rep to deliver it or mail it. ( It’s been my experience that mailed catalogs never get there in time.  More often than not it’s received after the catalog sales have ended! )


24/7 clock

You can place an order anytime 24/7 at my Avon eRepresentative website.
No more having to call or wait for your Avon Rep to get back to you.




Your Avon order is delivered directly to you within 7 -10 days at any location you choose whether it’s your home or at work etc. You don’t have to make an appointment with your Rep to receive your order.



Guy with megaphone

I always inform you of the latest Avon promotions & sales as well as Free Shipping offers.  You’ll be notified by email only if you give me permission otherwise you can contact me when you need me.



Email envelopeI am only an email, text or phone call away to help you with your order, returns or product info.  If you’re having trouble finding an item on the Avon website you can email me and I’ll send you the link with the product info and price.



I also offer exclusive benefits to my Avon eCustomers like Giveaways, Free Gifts, Online tools and Advice that will make your shopping easier & your budget go further.
I give you insider tips and info how to save and get the most out of your Avon purchase.



Friends shaking handsLastly and maybe most important, you won’t have to worry about being abandoned by your Avon Rep and having to search for another one because our location is no longer a factor.  Unless of course one of us leaves the United States then that’s a different story.


BONUS BENEFIT!!  It’s more environmentally friendly!

Green logoAlthough the Avon Brochure is made from recycled paper, we can still all do our part (no matter how small) by lowering the demand for paper products. I like to feel that encouraging my customers to view the Avon Catalog online I am doing my part :-)  You can read about Avon’s Environmental Commitment here.


Now I understand you may not feel comfortable with all this techie stuff and ordering online simply isn’t for you.  I appreciate that, but I encourage you to at least to give it a try. You are more than welcome, in fact I encourage you, to give me a call or send me an email to let me know you need help placing your first order.  I’ll personally get back to you and walk you through the process.  We’ll set up your Avon Account, add your products into your cart and submit your order together.  And of course if you still don’t feel comfortable ordering on your own you can always give me a call any time after and I’ll place your order for you.  Yes, I do aim to please :-)


What can I  find in the Avon Catalog?
Avon is famous for their popular brochure it is shopped world-wide and for 125 years dedicated customers have anticipated the great products and sales that can be found within it’s cover. Avon has everything you need to make yourself feel and look great. From bath & body products, fragrance, makeup, jewelry, award winning skin care, everyday household items, as well as cute & inspirational holiday gifts, the Avon Catalog has something for everyone.


How often does a new catalog come out?
The Avon Catalog comes out 26 times a year which is about every 2 weeks.  Each Avon Catalog is associated with a “Campaign” and there are 26 Avon Campaigns in a year.  Each Avon Catalog has a campaign number assigned to it and is effective for a 2 week period. So if you have the Campaign 7 brochure all sales and prices would be effective for 2 weeks until the next “Campaign” (brochure) is released.


How do I get an Avon Catalog?
Traditionally the catalog was only available through an Avon Representative who would hand deliver it bi-monthly to every customer on her list. But now it’s also available online over at the Avon website.  These days with laptops, smart phones and tablets so readily available, the Avon Catalog is virtually available to anyone, at anytime, anywhere.  No longer do you have to  wait for an Avon Rep to deliver it to you, or for that matter “find” a rep who will deliver it to you.  With Avon’s eBrochure you can shop the Avon sales anytime whether it’s early in the morning or late at night and you can always be confident you are looking at the latest most current catalog. 


How do I view the Avon Catalog online?
Checking out the Avon Catalog or “eBrochure” online over at the Avon website is the easiest and fastest way to shop Avon Products and Sales. View the current Avon Catalog here.  While browsing the catalog,  whenever you find something you like,  just click on the product image and you will be taken to the product page. You can purchase it right there through your Avon Representative’s website.  Avon charges $5.95 for shipping on orders under $35, and Free Shipping for orders $35 and over.  It takes about 7 business days to receive your order and it will be shipped via USPS, FedEx or UPS. Avon also offers free shipping very often, so if you don’t want to pay for shipping ask your Avon Representative if they have any Free Shipping Codes available before you order online.


How do I place an order at the Avon.com website?

1) First, Register a new Account with Avon.com if you don’t already have one.

2) Click on the brochures on this page and you will be taken to the current  Avon Catalog.

3)  See something you like? Click on the product image and you will be taken to the product page.

4) Click the “Add to Bag” button” the item will be added to your “cart”

5) When you are ready to check out your items click “your bag”  at the top right  to review your shopping cart

6) Click the red “Check Out”  button to place your order.

** If you have any trouble Registering or Purchasing your Avon products don’t hesitate to contact me you can email me here **

I will get back to you quickly to answer any questions or help you  through the ordering process


 Have fun shopping and remember, I’m only an email, text or phone call away, so if you need help don’t hesitate leave a comment or contact me directly :-)

Thanks for visiting!





I’ve been an Independent Avon eRepresentative for over 5 years. I specialize in online sales through my Avon Representative website. You can read more about me here..
Dianne Hernandez can also be found on Google +

35 comments to Avon Catalog Campaign 8 ( March 2015)

  • Kaylah Mendoza

    Hello, I Was WOndering when that campaign 18 ends for 2014 ? if you can email me back as soon as possible thanks so much -Kaylah Mendoza:Austin texas,

  • Ewa

    In Poland, Avon Femme appeared in the catalog 3-2014

  • Lisa Shumate

    I’ve been selling since October 2013 and think your site is very informative. Thanks,
    Lisa Shumate-Club Red

  • Hi Missy,

    As an Avon Representative in the United States I’m limited to selling only within the US. Wish I could ship out to you. Maybe you can find a Rep in your country who will be able to help you. This Avon’s South Africa website http://www.avon.co.za/PRSuite/home_page.page

    Good Luck! :-)

  • Lee

    Hi there….I’m a New Avon Rep in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. I was googling for ideas on how to better sell Avon and came across your website.I had to pop in and let you know how amazing and so very professional it is. Unfortunately here in Australia, we can’t do our own website which I think is a bit of a bummer but it is what it is.

    I currently have 2 territories and I’ve put books out in shopping centers and anywhere I can think of. Just wondering if you have any tips you could give me on how to get more sales please? I had thought of making up a brochure and doing a letter box drop. Your thoughts Please?
    Keep up the excellent work!
    Happy Selling!

    • Beauty2Makeup

      Hi Lee,

      Thank you so much for the compliment!

      As far as any tips, I’ve noticed whenever I “toss” brochures I tend to get a better response when I insert a personalized order form with my contact information. You can easily create a form with Microsoft Word or Publisher (there are even templates you can download). On the order form include your phone number, email address and Avon Rep Website (if you have one) and how customers can either call, email, text or order online. Also mention the campaign dates of the brochure.

      Having a picture of yourself on the order form also adds a personal touch. Sometimes I’ll add a special discount or offer for first time customers as well. Anything that encourages or makes it easier for your customers to order always helps.

      And of course whenever a customer calls try to get back to them as soon as possible. You wouldn’t believe how many of my customers have said their previous Avon reps never got back to them or offered inconsistent service. Which also brings up customer service, once you gain new customers always be attentive to their Avon needs. When your customers are happy they will be more than willing to refer you to their friends and family. In fact, having a Friends & Family offer where both are rewarded for referring and ordering is also another way to motivate customers to refer your services.

      Hope this was helpful Lee, don’t worry it takes time to build your customer base but I’m sure you’ll do great!

      Wishing you much success!


  • Farha

    Hey..m frm india. N m really confused whether avon intoduces same offers worldwide or they publish different brochure fr different countries.
    Plz let me knw…

    • Beauty2Makeup

      Hi Farha,

      Yes Avon does offer different products in different countries, The Avon Catalog will also vary from different countries. Avon will only ship within that country as well as they want to encourage customers to shop with Avon Representatives who also live in the same country.

      Hope this helped and thanks for visiting.


  • Hi Diane,
    You have a wonderful site here. I have looked at your site many times. I am a fellow Rep. and just thought I would drop a note and say hi. I really like how you tell your customers about ordering online. I am working on keeping my business online as well. I have a few folks in the neighborhood where I am at that just don’t do the online thing.. older folks. so i do those off line. Most are new ones from tossing books. But for the most part I am working on building up my online orders.

    Well just wanted to say hi and compliment you on your site.. has always given me some inspiration.

    • Beauty2Makeup

      Hi Deborah!

      Thank you so much for the nice compliments. It’s so sweet of you. I”m sure you’ll do great online :-)
      Thanks for visiting.


  • fati

    hello Dianne, am living in Nigerian ; is it still possible to get my order sent to me.BECAUSE I LOVE AVON product but cant easily get them .thanks.

    • Hi Fati,

      I wish I could but unfortunately my Avon eRepresentative website only ships out to customers in the United States. To purchase Avon products in your country you would need to contact an Avon Representative in your area.
      Sorry I couldn’t help but good luck.

  • Hi, I live in LaPlace, LA, and due to the recent Hurricane was unable to get an order in for the last catalog. I have a rep but she also lives in LaPlace.
    We had no phones, elec. or water. Is there anyway I can still order from the last catalog. It would make my granddaughter very happy.

    • Oh no! I hope you are all safe and everything is getting back to normal.

      I have good news, if you’re talking about the Avon Catalog from Campaign 19 (Halloween Issue), it isn’t too late to order but you will need to order from the Shop by Product Number section from the Avon website. It’s very easy to do, here’s how:

      1) Go to Avon’s Shop by Product Number section here

      2) Select the Campaign you want to order from – you can go two campaigns/catalogs back. Right now we are on C20 but you still have the opportunity to order from C19 & C18 Sales and Special Offers through this feature.

      3) Enter the Item # of the product you want to purchase If you’re not sure what the item# is let me know and I can find it for you.

      4) Enter the Quantity.

      5) Add to Bag. You’ll see the pink “Add to Bag” below the form.

      6) ~IMPORTANT~ Go to your “Shopping Bag” at the top right of the page to confirm the item was added and shows the correct Campaign/Catalog number and price.

      And that’s how you order from back issues of Avon’s Catalog. Remember you can only go two issues back.

      You can use the following links to view the last 2 catalogs but if you click any images in this brochure more than likely the items and sale prices will not be the same as on Avon’s website so again, make sure you order from the Shop by Product# as described above to make sure you get the advertised price from that catalog.

      Avon Catalog 18

      Avon Catalog 19

      Take Care Patricia and if you need further help placing your order with the above feature feel free to contact me Dianne@Beauty2Makeup.com :-)

  • Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  • Kelly

    When you change campains do you stop selling certain mascaras? i really like avon shock waterproof and the lash extending waterproof and dont want you guys to stop selling them

    • Hi Kelly,

      It really depends on the product. If the item is a best selling item then you usually can find it on the Avon website even though it may not be in the catalog. The best way to find out if an item is available is to go the Avon website and enter let’s say “waterproof mascara” into the search box on the top right. You’ll see a list of waterproof mascaras available to purchase.

      The other day I entered “Christmas” into the search box and although there haven’t been any Christmas items listed in the Avon Catalog lately the search resulted in a long list of Christmas items available for purchase!

      Also, I often stock up on my favorite items when they’re on sale just in case later they’re not available or they don’t go on sale for awhile.

      Thanks for stopping by :-)


  • Avon Representatives listed in my area do not sell Avon. How can I receive a book? I don't care to shop on line. I prefer to look at a book taking my time to see what all is

  • Ana

    I order all the products that people told me to order but when i checked today it says to check my invoice some items are not available what does that mean?

    • Beauty2Makeup

      Hi Ana,

      Based on your comment “I order all the products that people told me to order” I’m assuming you are an Avon Representative?? Usually when you receive a notice from Avon stating that Items are not Available it means that they are either all Sold Out or the item is on Back Order. For further assistance you should consult your up-line (the person who signed you up as an Avon Representative) if they are not that helpful then you can call Avon’s Customer Service for Representatives at (513) 551-2566 . They are very helpful and should be able to answer any Representative questions you have.

  • clarissa

    hi i have just started selling Avon myself. (today accually) i need to know when campaign 26 ends and when i need to put the order in if you can help me i would really love it. :) i have more questions too if you cna help me with this. :)

    • Beauty2Makeup

      Hi Clarissa,

      Your campaign schedule is based on where you live so my campaign schedule is more than likely different than yours. For a more accurate answer you can ask your upline ( the person who signed you up) or call Avon directly at 513-551-2866. Have your Representative Account # available and choose Specialist to be connected to an Avon Representative Specialist who will be able to answer your question . I always call Avon with questions and they are always more than willing to help and very courteous. Good Luck on your new Avon business Clarissa!




    • Beauty2Makeup

      Hi De Shini,

      I can give you the links to the August Avon Catalogs which are Campaigns 17 & Campaigns 18 but those sales and promotions are no longer effective. So I don’t think it will be much help to you. If you are looking to purchase an item that was on sale in a past Avon brochure the furthest you’ll be able to go back is 2 campaigns. To see which past campaigns are available go to the “Shop by Product Number” page at the Avon website and click on the drop down menu under Campaign. If you’re interested in ordering from any of the past campaigns available just select the campaign # and enter the item # and you will receive the sale price for that campaign.

      If you have any questions or need further help please don’t hesitate to contact me personally.

      Have fun shopping! :-)

  • satisfied customer

    Hi Dianne. Thank you so much for your helpful instructions on my two lipstick return. You told me to keep them without charge, send me the link to order the right product, sent me free shipping coupon code and i was able to be refunded. As a first time online buyer, i was afraid that I won’t have a live person availible if i needed one. but you proof me wrong. You called me right after i left you a message. I did order the new product. Thanks so much. One favor though, Their was not eyeliner left to order. It is on sale now. I want the black color. Please if possible and when it gets availible, send it with my order. Thank You so much Dianne.You are great. Please excuse my spelling Dianne.

    • Beauty2Makeup

      Hello “Satisfied Customer”

      It was my pleasure. I’m glad everything worked out. I’ll contact you personally through your email about the eyeliner.
      Take Care

  • Maria

    Hi thanks for the info. Will you have a new catalog posted for every campaign?

    • Beauty2Makeup

      Hi Maria,
      Yes, I’ll have a new Avon Catalog posted at the start of every new Avon Campaign. You might want to bookmark this page for easy access whenever you want to browse the brochure.
      Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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